If you are Leader of the Country…

You should probably talk to media other than fucking sports media. It would be even easier to do so if he had some sort of constructive policy to talk about, rather than a hockey book that seems likely to be finished sometime after Tory green plan targets kick in.

I don’t know if this is the most “partisan” government in modern Canadian history, but it does increasingly seem to be lead by the biggest chickenshit.

The Ongoing Importance of Proofreading

From time to time, I get to cruise through the M.P. bio section on the various parties’ websites. Usually, they are pretty mundane summaries highlighting a parliamentarians efforts to help their constituents, affect change locally or nationally, and sometimes even save Christmas.

Others are a lesson in the importance of editing. Rick Dykstra’s is an example of that. I have not met Mr. Dykstra, and really don’t know anything about him other than that he is from St. Catherines, and can only presume that he is a perfectly capable M.P. His bio, however, informs me that he has “diversified” experience, and was a twice-elected city councilor (which may be different than a two-term councilor, or may mean that there was a couple of times he was not elected but was still a councilor).
Now, I am being snippy, but for a party that has an M.O. of being ruthless about message control, you figure that they could have found some junior-level flunky to go through 120 or so short paragraphs and make sure that they read reasonably well. These aren’t just little details, these are how we get to know the people that (in this case) sit in government caucus and help govern this country, and when they make information public, it should strive to be in as clear and concise prose as is possible. I took marks from students for awkward language in a first year history class, the same should be expected of people that work on the hill.

For more on my ongoing battle against poor writing, see here.

The Pumpkin Patch

Lately, Megan and I have been doing battle with the backyard.

Our current apartment has a backyard, including some until-very-recently overgrown gardens. I have been wielding the pitchfork of justice, pulling weeds, a couple of saplings, and pretty much anything else that was growing in them out. Megan has planted a variety of herbs and vegetables, and soon will fill out the rest with some nice looking but easily maintained flowers.

Me? I am starting a giant pumpkin patch. Toothpaste for Dinner points out some of the inherent craziness of the process.

Radio Topics, May 8th

Below is are the links to what we talked about today. Sadly, as always seems to happen, the really juicy stories always happen after we got off air, so the discussion on Boisclair vs. Duceppe is now a bit dated. Similarly, I really I had taped my musings that eventually being on the wrong side of popular issues will start to bite the Tories in the ass, as it seems that their support is falling in Quebec and Ontario. Now if only the Liberals could do something with the ball….

I will actually upload the Andrea Mandel-Campbell interview tonight- my thumbstick with the file had gone AWOL, but has now returned. Anyway, topics, as promised:
Clean air for everyone in Canada…except those living near the oil sands.

The Jets are coming back if Manitoba Tories have their way.

France elects a right wing president who wins the working class and female vote despite his opponent being both a female and a socialist.

In order to keep his job Andre Boisclair decides to attack Duceppe.

Suburban intensification development in Stitsville draws anger of neighbours.

Political consequences for the Tories regarding their support for the Afghanistan mission…
And the abuse of prisoners, which the Tories appear to be confused about.

Global warming, Tourism and Germany

Another Canadian company to be bought… This time its Alcan.

The Senators are the energizer bunny, they keep going and going. Two series down, two to go.

The Never Been Played Project

I have, as I am sure most people in my demographic do, about 6000 songs on my laptop. I probably have another 1500 or so on CD-Rs which I didn’t put on my new laptop- partly because I didn’t listen to those that much anyway, partly because they weren’t well catalogued, and partly because they document a time of my life where my musical taste was more than a little suspect.

Anyway, a helpful iTunes smart playlist tells me that of those 6000 and change songs, I have never listened to like 4600 hundred of them. Or, more accurately, I have never listened to them on this computer. This always seems a bit tragic to me, as while the internet has allowed me to have at the tip of my fingers more music than I would not otherwise have ever been able to dream of, I still end up listening to the same three or four hundred songs. To whit, while I’ve listened to “Cover it up” from Andrew Vincent and the Pirates’ awesome “I Love The Modern Way” 23 times, nothing else on my play list is above 20. “Light of the Moon” off of “Down at the Khyber” is at 19, and Julie Doiron’s “Woke myself up” is not far behind that. In fairness, I mostly listen to stuff on my iPod, so some of these are artificially low, but still.

So, since summer’s are built for seemingly unattainable projects, I am going to start the Never Been Played Project, whereby I go through, on shuffle for my own sanity, every song that hasn’t been played in my iTunes library. It started to day, fittingly, with “Thunderstruck”, which I honestly can’t believe I haven’t played since I got the new computer in December. Seriously. Right now its Keep Fishin’ by Weezer. Both are cool songs, which is optimistic, but also worrisome because it means that I defer the lesser parts of the library until later. Anyway, this will be an occasional series, as I remember, over the course of the next while.