Radio Topics, September 30

It’s Tuesday! That means that Adam and I will be on air on 93.1FM in Ottawa from 7am until 9am. Not in Ottawa? Don’t have an FM radio (blast you, ubiquitous tuner-free MP3 players!)? Then check us out on

This week we’ll discuss some of the following:

Cap and Trade will might mean you need to say goodbye to planes and shipping.

Deal reached on Lower Churchill land claims, hydro development the next step.

Canada’s Birthrate at 10 year high.

iPhone vs. Gphone.

Council votes to not hire more pothole patrollers.

In an effort to make the presidential more west wing-like, the President had a sit down with both candidates.

Buyout deal falls apart

Ontario challenging BC for Pot growing supremacy. Watch out for the gang war, prairies.

Do not call lists kicks in

Rapidz close up shop.

AND- in our 10 minutes on the federal election:

There’s two leaders debates this week. Watch people lower/raise expectations! (Dion is sure we want to know him.)

Picking fights with artists is fashionable.

BUT, you’ll get a tax credit for your kid’s piano lessons

Local Grits propose $500 million for infrastructure.

May knows she won’t be next PM

Harper won’t meet with other party leaders on financial crisis. Apparently he is not totally like bush.

Quebec discovers that it has lots of suitors with fat wallets

Apparently patronage appointments were made just before the writ. Yawn.

Abortion comes up, Harper says he won’t bring it up in the House.

Soldiers made him look good

“With no human rights legislation, no access to information and no government-imposed social experimentation to distract them from their responsibility to produce junior leaders for the infantry, they had a free hand to do what they knew was necessary from experience.”

-Maj. General (ret’d) Lewis Mackenzie, Soldiers Made Me Look Good (page 63)

Radio Topics for September 23rd

It seems that Fall has fallen upon us this Tuesday morning. Could that be frost on the ground? Either way tune in and listen to Adam and Mike. At 7:15 Mike will be talking with Major- General (Ret’d) Lewis Mackenzie about his new book Soldiers Made Me Look Good. As per usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm in Ottawa. For those out of town we you can listen to us on the web at by clicking on the listen live link.

Federal election campaign day 17:
Tories pledge to get tough on crime yet again…this time they want to toughen-up the Youth Criminal Justice Act.
The Liberals release their platform for a “Richer, Fairer and Greener Canada.”
The NDP don’t like corporate tax cuts. Shocking.
Your weekly Conservative gaff is brought to you by Chris Reid.

Carleton University’s Saint Patrick’s building is the site of some protest art.

New Montreal garbage cans really suck…literally.

US Deserter who was scheduled to be deported today gets to stay for now.

Montreal becomes the first North American City to introduce a Bike Sharing program.

Apparently lawyers accepting nude dances from a client is a good way to get kicked out of the BAR

Problems in Pakistan… US raids, bombings, Taliban insurgents kidnapping diplomats, the list goes on.

Funding Afghanistan

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve got podcasts in the queue (some of which are relevant again, but rather old), and will put them up ASAP.

BUT, in light of the election, I’d be remiss to post this bit of a report on the cost to Afghanistan:

Mr. Perry’s study also determined the Liberal government had provided extra funding to the Defence Department to cover 85 per cent of the Afghan war costs.

The Conservative government, however, is funding only 29 per cent of the cost to the Defence Department for the war, according to the study, with the remaining money coming out of DND’s existing budget.

This shouldn’t be taken as a partisan jab (really!): there is no reason to assume that the Liberals wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing and downloaded the cost of the conflict directly to DND’s existing budget, though it doesn’t alter the fact that it is a bad idea. What it is is a reminder that Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan presents a trade off for Canada’s international activities, both current and future. It might be that it’s worth it, but that’s not a debate that has really been had.

Radio Topics for September 16th

Welcome to day ten of the Federal Election Campaign. Joining us on the show this week is Mark Agnew, a good friend of the show and former Parliament Hill staffer. As well Mark will be celebrating his birthday on-air. As per usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm in Ottawa. For those out of town we you can listen to us on the web at by clicking on the listen live link.

Vancouver’s Non Partisan Association
has announced their full slate of Candidates for the upcoming municipal elections. This after rejecting Sam Sullivan, the incumbent mayor as their mayoral candidate.

New promises from the Tories and NDP:
Reducing the price of diesel fuel by cutting diesel tax by 2 cents
EI benefits for the self-employed.
Billion dollar plan to increase medical and nursing spots.

More bad news if you live or work near Bank at Sommerset.

Efforts to promote oral history in Hintonburg quashed because they violate the cities sign bylaws.

Former Ottawa mayor Marian Dewar dies.

A real bad day to work on Wall Street. Especially if you work for Lehman Brothers.

We don’t like Ike. Or at least Texas certainly doesn’t

Radio Topics for September 9th

Its not just another Tuesday, its election campaign day number 3 making it the perfect time to listen to Adam and Mike. Beyond election talk, music, community anouncements and our usual discussion of the weeks headlines, Adam will also be talking with Ronald Wright at 7:30 about his new book What is America?  As per usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm in Ottawa. For those out of town we you can listen to us on the web at by clicking on the listen live link.

In other exciting news, CKCU’s Morning Special Blend won the Golden Cherry for best Ottawa Radio Program. That makes us a little part of the award.

Want to see Elizabeth May, leader of the Federal Greens, debate the other leaders? The major networks don’t want you to.

Want to know how much the war in Afghanistan has cost the taxpayer? The election is preventing Canadians from finding out.

University of Calgary is so sure that you will graduate in four years that they will pay the extra costs if you take longer.

Stop global warming by putting down your hamburger.

Small Alabama town offers Jewish families $50 000 to move to their town.

32 Carleton University students get their passwords and campus card data stolen by a fellow student hacker.

Radio Topics for September 2nd

This Tuesday isn’t your normal Tuesday. Mike returns from his European adventures and the kids head back to school. At 7:15 we will be talking with Andrew Powell who is heading off to his first day of school for the year after talking with us. At 7:30 we will be speaking with Chris Robinson about the Ottawa International Animation festival. As well we will have our usual assortment of news topics, entertainment announcements and music.

As per usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm in Ottawa. For those out of town we you can listen to us on the web at by clicking on the listen live link.

Another year, another large hurricane batters the US Gulf Coast.

Russia gets another warning…which it will probably ignore.

Both candidates in the American Presidential race appoint their VPs.
Sarah Palin for the Republicans and Joe Biden for the Demoncrats.

Harper and Dion got together for coffee yesterday afternoon. Apparently it wasn’t so much of a discussion as Dion would have liked.

Maple Leaf Foods is having a really bad couple of weeks.

Hope you didn’t plan on using Zoom Airlines for your European vacation.