Radio Topics for January 27th

Happy Family Literacy Day. Celebrate by listening to Adam on the Tuesday Morning Special Blend. Mike is away this week, something about having a real job and real responsibilities. At 7:30 we will be speaking with The Rural Alberta Advantage who played a stellar show at Cafe Dekcuf last Friday. Then at 8:30 Adam will be speaking live with Andrew Vincent whose new album, Rotten Pear is released today on Ottawa’s own Kelp Records. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

The 2nd Throne Speech in less than three months. The Usher of the Black Rod has never been so busy.

7 Billion of that $64 Billion deficit is dedicated to infrastructure spending say Transport Minister Baird.

University student is auctioning off her virginity on line. Current bid is $3.8 million.

Strike Day 47 and the city has substantially changed it position. Negotiations are back on for now.

Obama orders Gitmo to be closed, what now?

4 breakaway bishops who reject Vatican II reforms are reinstated back into the Catholic Church.

Want to drink unpasteurized milk? This man is standing up for your rights.

Radio Topics for January 20th

Adam is back after a long absence. At 8:10 Adam will be speaking with Lawrence Conway about the Ottawa Winter Marathon. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

Harper and Iggy meet to discuss the budget. Will they agree?

York TAs to vote on latest offer by University to end the strike. Union leaders encourage members to reject offer

Obama mania goes full scale today at noon.

The fighting in Gaza is over…for now. How long will the truce last?

With the economy looking bad the plan is to hide out at university until the storm is over.

Bus strike update:
Apparently letting buses sit for 41 days isn’t good for them.
Want to live with Allan Rock?

Radio Topics for January 13th

Adam has got the plague as a result of his trip to Ireland so Mike will be on his own today. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

Transit Strike Day 34

Obama to close Guantanamo Bay the day he takes power.

Canadian authorities move against Winston Blackmore and the Bountiful BC branch of the Mormons.

City to help fund the shuttles run by Ottawa area universities and colleges.

John Tory has found a seat to run in…finally.

From Joe the Plumber to Joe the Journalist.

Nortel’s future up in the air with possible impact for Ottawa.

Rideau Canal is open, giving people another option during the transit strike.

Radio Topics, January 6

Welcome to 2009! Let’s see if my new years resolution of being on time for things last into the second week of the year.  Adam is away this week (he’ll be somewhere over the North Atlantic when we are on air), so I’ll be joined by Simon Cameron. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

World Juniors end, Canada wins.

Bush creates giant marine reserves.

Consumer group thinks that stranded flyers should be compensated.

ATU 279 called to vote on thursday, Union fills hall in meeting yesterday. The CBC; Citizen.

Arrests in New Year’s fire at Radisson.

Russia plays tough with Natural Gas.

This year in banning things.