Radio Topics, February 24th

It’s tuesday! Adam and I will be on air at the usual time, 7-9am on 93.1FM in Ottawa,

Some dude comes to Ottawa, buys beavertail. City goes apeshit.

90 children die in Ontario’s child welfare program last year.

City releases study looking at sites for new stadium. The winner? Bayview yards.

Bob Barker says have your pets spayed or neutered; move your elephants to sanctuaries in tennesee.

David Ahenakew not guilty; totally a douchebag.

CUPE Ontario backs boycott of Israeli Universities.

Skull and Bones sued for Geronimo’s skull and bones.

Do you know what also declines in recessions? Shark attacks.

Chimpanzee that went crazy apparently didn’t get anti-anxiety meds.

A crisis is a bad thing to waste

That’s the aphorism that the Prime Minister referenced this morning when announcing revitalisation of Go Transit infrastructure as part of the government’s stimulus program. Dalton was there too.

I think that this is now the third or fourth joint transit announcement for the GTA since the LRT program was cancelled. I’ve come around to the downtown transit tunnel (slowly, but surely), but have to feel bad that we are several years out from breaking ground when the other levels of government are more keen to open the pocketbooks.

Radio Topics for February 17th

Recover from a wild Family Day by listening to Adam and Mike. At 8:30 we will be speaking with Luanne Gauvreau about Cycle Salvation and their work in Ottawa. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

Local Ottawa councilor Clive Doucet says amalgamation has failed us

Venezuela decides that Hugo Chavez can run for president again…and again and again…

President Obama to visit Ottawa on Thursday.

This past week was a week of collisions, first a Russian satellite hits an American one then a British submarine collides with a French one.

The Privacy Commissioner, unsurprisingly,  has objections to a new government bill which would allow the monitoring of private e-mails.

Andrew Cohen v. David Reevely on the nature of Ottawa

A professor at University of Ottawa is suspended for giving every student in his class an A

An eventful Friday night sees three separate suspicious fires, including one at local video store WestCoast Video.

Radio Topics for February 10th

With the buses rolling again our usual tag line isn’t applicable anymore. Still, tune in to Adam and Mike this Tuesday. At 8:10, after the BBC News we will be speaking with presidential candidates for the upcoming Carleton University Student Association elections which take place Febuary 11th and 12th. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

If you kill 500 ducks in your tailing pond then expect to be criminally charged.

Maybe Mike Duffy shouldn’t make comments about premiers and sleeping

Senate clears the way for an $800 billion stimulus package.

Canada’s Environment Commissioner has some harsh words for the Harper government.

Bike Share Service coming to Ottawa.

France’s president didn’t make any friends in Quebec with his comments.

Carleton Professor Tim Cook wins big money.

Whats that? an OC Transpo Bus?

Andrew Vincent on “Rotten Pear”

Last friday, I had the opportunity to speak with Andrew Vincent about his new album, Rotten Pear (link pops to an album stream). That interview is below.

Record reviews aren’t really my strong point, so I won’t really do one. However, I really enjoyed the album: it is simple, catchy, and deceptively dark.

Radio Topics, February 13th

Happy February! It feels like January just began, and here we are 1/12th of the way through the calendar year. Adam and I also realized last week that in the last 6 weeks we have both been on the show exactly once, which is kinda crazy. But we’ll both be around tomorrow: 7am to 9am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

I had the opportunity to speak with Andrew Vincent about his new album, Rotten Pear, last week. We’ll play that at about 8:30.

This past week saw the end of two things Ottawans have been talking about since december: the transit strike and the coalition. The Liberals will support the budget (with “amendments” to put the tories on “probation”); the union and city agreed to binding arbitration hours before it was clear that the Federal government was to force them into that position.

Other reading: the budget! ATV trails? Yes! Genome? No! Andre Cornellier saw his shadow yesterday, but we are still looking at 6 weeks of reduced bus service, especially in the suburbs.

Smoot-Hawley redux: “buy american” provisions in stimulus bill,

York legislated back to work.

No O Canada in a New Brunswick school. At least for a while.

Apparently downtown residents pay more in property taxes than they get back in services. That’s okay, suburbanites: you can cut us a cheque for the difference.

Tories tackling issues that matter to all Canadians: Warren Kinsella sometimes speaks without thinking.

Dartmouth drugstore criticized for keeping “black” hair accessories under lock.

No “No God” on HRM busses.