Radio Topics for March 31st

Its the last day of March, so its either going to be a lion or a lamb. Regardless Adam will be joined this Tuesday by semi-regulars Simon Cameron and Joel Eastwood. Mike has real life obligations so can’t be here. Luckily Simon, Joel and Adam are avoiding real life for as long as possible. As always, we air from 7am to 9am on 93.1fm for those in Ottawa; for those from away.

Academic doping? Its happening but is it a bad thing?

The de-amalgamation freight train rolls forward with a public meeting last evening.

Can ShamWow get you out of prison? We shall see

Whacking Day comes true for Australia.

CBC Budget cuts affect Radio 3 but not as badly as expected.

Chrysler given 30 days, GM sixty and GM’s CEO is given the boot by the White House.

Outspoken Scot George Galloway banned from entering Canada. Decides to blame Jason Kenney.

Medical journal The Lancet vs. The Pope over the science behind condoms.

Just in case we forgot them, North Korea reminds everyone they are still crazy.

Radio Topics, March 24

It’s Tuesday! Adam is still in Saskatoon, because he’s a damned fool and opted to take the train back from Saskatoon. In his place, I’ll be joined by Tuesday blend semi-regulars Joel and Simon. As always, we air from 7am to 9am on 93.1fm for those in Ottawa; for those from away.

At 8:30 we’ll be joined by Zach Churchill, National Director of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, about some of the pressures facing post-secondary students in Canada.

Giant tar sands merger!

Ontario Gambling-linked suicides increase.

Calgarian theists buy bus ads.

CBC budget cuts looming: ads on the radio?

In New Brunswick, they do things different.

Melnyk misses his MLS franchise.

Idiots on fox news say idiotic things.

Best news ever: Hillier mulls run for PC leadership.

Radio Topics for March 17th

Welcome to Irish radio on this fine Tuesday morning. Apparently today is the day to celebrate a 5th century saint by drinking green beer. Here’s to cultural traditions. At 8:10 on this weeks show Adam and Mike will be speaking with Alec who is currently biking around the United States and we literally mean around the United States. As always we air at 7am on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

Speculation is starting already in regards to the Ontario PC leadership.

Athiest bus ads are now allowed on OC Transpo buses.
Can you believe that?

What to do with the Sussex-Rideau intersection? The NCC has a plan.

Carleton Ravens win the CIS Basketball Championships in front of their home crowd.

No more enemy combatants at Gitmo, new classification TBA.

Oil Spill in Australia threatens Great Barrier Reef.

George W. Bush’s first public speech since leaving the Oval Office is in Calgary.

Radio Topics for March 10th

Apparently we are saving daylight by waking up and listening to Adam in the dark. Mike has real life commitments so Adam will be alone this Tuesday. As per usual I will be on at the usual times (7-9am) on 93.1fm, for those from away and without radios.

CBC will have to make do says the Heritage Minister. Look for more ads on Hockey Night in Canada.

Canadian Military needs a break after 2011. Lets hope Toronto doesn’t get another snow storm.

Toronto’s Africentric schools gets the required number of students…barely.

Northern Ireland is shocked by three shootings in two days.

Ontario political parties have fun with altering their leadership.
The Tories

Apparently Freon in the Ottawa River is bad?

Ban the seal hunt? The Senate doesn’t think so.

Radio Topics, March 3

Welcome to March! The popular saying is that March comes in like a lion, and leaves like a lamb. This aphorism never made much sense to me, given that one would normally consume the other. In any case, Adam and I will be on at the usual times (7-9am) on 93.1fm, for those from away and without radios.

So you know that press conference Peter McKay had on Friday about the Russians surrepticiously sending patrol planes during Obama’s visit? Apparently it wasn’t so surrepticious.

Edmonton considers $100 million cycling plan. Hopefully they follow through a bit better than the city of Ottawa.

Truckers protest being limited to slightly faster than the speed limit.

Ontario to look into TIcketmaster pricing. Sadly, only the most egregious (alleged) parts.

Harper finds his inner cheese-eating surrender monkey.

Ontario looking to $13 billion deficit.

More illegal things to be made illegaler.

Bad week for the RCMP: Dziekanski inquiry and a dead skier.

Roger “Ebert” laments snark as hindering the development of culture. Like he has anything to say on the matter.