Radio Topics for May 26th

Adam and Mike are back again this Tuesday for their last go ’round in the month of May. As always, we air from 7am to 9am tomorrow on 93.1fm in Ottawa; for everyone else.

The Larry O’Brien trial continues as John Baird takes the stand and the transcript of Larry’s interview with the police is released.

Tories announce EI reforms and Ignatieff threatens to go to the polls. Nothing better than a summer election during a recession fought over an issue most people don’t understand.

Another community is in a fight with a developer, this time its Ottawa’s Overbrooke community in Councilor Jacques Legendre’s ward.

Seeking not to be kept out of the headlines by their southern neighbours, North Korea conducts an actual nuclear weapon test.

Ottawa’s two universities hop on the Conservative Party’s stimulus gravy train.

Cyclists score a victory in Toronto and get the mayor on-side.

How to deal with Gitmo? The debate continues.

An ill-advised involuntary haircut by a TA in Thunder Bay outrages Native community.

Radio Topics for May 19th

Recover from celebrating Britain’s longest serving Monarch by listening to Adam and Mike this Tuesday morning. At 8:30 Adam will be speaking with Olenka Krakus of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers who are playing Tuesday night at Avant-Gard. As always, we air from 7am to 9am tomorrow on 93.1fm in Ottawa; for everyone else.

The Bc Provincial election is over with the Liberals winning a majority, however…
More provincial election madness, this time in Nova Scotia. The province goes to the polls on June 9th. The big promise from the Tories this time around is to review the amalgamation of Halifax into the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Off duty Ottawa Police Officer attacks a taxi driver at Ottawa’s airport in front of 30 witnesses.

The Conservative party, appearing to be in perpetual election mode, release Iggy attack ads.

ICC is bringing the first person to trial for involvement in the Darfur case but its not who you think it is.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama meet for the first time

Alberta bill to allow parents to remove children from classes focusing on sensitive subjects such as religion or science comes under attack by Alberta teachers.

Radio Topics for May 12th

After a week in the rural Ontario bush installing drywall and flooring Adam returns to civilization and radio. As always, we air from 7am to 9am tomorrow on 93.1fm in Ottawa; for everyone else.

Tamil protestors in Toronto close the Gardner Express Way. Taking a lesson from Critical Mass Toronto.

US Army claims that the civilian death toll in Afghanistan is extremely over exaggerated.

Terry Kilrae, the most famous candidate to ever drop out of an Ottawa Mayoral race, takes the stand at Larry O’Brien’s trial.

Gatineau Park to become a national park? Paul Dewar and Lawrence Cannon hope so.

A double shooting at a nightclub? In Ottawa? Seriously?

The entire strange affair surrounding Ruby Dhalla only gets stranger.

Not content with the cuts the CBC has already made, the Tories demand more.

Radio Topics, May 5th

It’s May 5th! The boxing day of Star Wars day. Adam is away- something about spending a week at a cottage after finishing all his papers, but I’ll be joined by my friends Rod E.S.Q. and Simon Cameron. As always, we air from 7am to 9am on 93.1fm; for those from away.

To celebrate Mayday, my old highschool gets itself shut down for the day. Not to be outdone, its cross town rivals do the same.

Nova Scotia is off to the polls!

Larry O’Brien pleads not guilty- courts to allow blogging.

Boycott Israel motion fails at MEC AGM.

Kid being bullied fights back, ends up being the only one being suspended. Problem: he happens to be Asian.

Goodbye to the broadcast: Don Newman to retire. In other news: Dear CBC, I also have broad collars and can develop a quirky enunciation.

Liberal Convention recap: the too long goodbye; no more delegated leadership convetions.

We’ll also almost certainly talk about Influenza A H1N1. It will probably be tasteful.

Jon Bartlett on 15 Years of Kelp Records

On Tuesday, I spoke with Jon Bartlett about Kelp Records 15th anniversary, how the industry has changed since 1994, and this weekends anniversary (kelpiversary?) celebrations. 

Jon’s got a pretty good set of shows lined up this weekend- things kicked off last night at the Mayfair with Jim Bryson and the Acorn, but keeps going today at the WIP Gallery and the Elmdale. Tomorrow, there is a lunchhour show at the Carleton Tavern and an evening show at the Glue Pot Pub. I missed out on getting a bracelet, but will be at the Elmdale tonight.

Not able to make the shows? Boo. You can download the Kelp15 compilation here for free.