Charles Akben-Marchand on the Hit-and-Run and Cycling Safety

This morning I spoke with Charles Akben-Marchand, past-president of Citizens for Safe Cycling, about Sunday’s hit-and-run in Kanata and cycling safety more generally.

I do have more to say on this- it’s a pretty exceptional and terrifying event, and I think the city is rightly shocked- and will put something up tonight over at the bike blog.

Radio Topics, July 21

Good Morning all! Adam is away, but I am still here. I’ll be on air from 7-9 AM on 93.1FM in Ottawa, for everyone else.

At 8:30, I’ll be joined by ¬†Charles Akben-Marchand of Citizens for Safe Cycling to talk about Sunday’s terrible hit-and-run and bike safety more generally. In keeping with our look back to past shows, we’ll also feature a previous interview in the first hour.

In other topics:

Premiers debate “Buy USA” (or more accuragely “Buy Canada and USA and other nations we are tight with” policy.

Bluesfest over: Mike can sleep again!

The Kindle has never allowed 1984. It’s never been digitized.

It was the cost that killed the nuclear bids.

Facebook infringes on your privacy. In other news, it also steals your time and clutters your inbox with requests to be “fans” of mediocre 80s television. (Note: If you are reading this on facebook, you are doing everything right.)

Quebec physicians propose legal euthanasia. I promise I will not make any jokes about young people in an Eastern-hemisphere continent.

Economists support Parliamentary Budget Officer; Government and Opposition Parliamentarians less enthusiastic.

I’ll actually be away on vacation next week, so someone else will be filling in for me. I’ll be blogging about my trip at this spot, though.

Radio Topics, July 14

Welcome to the middle of July! Bluesfest has taken over the city, and the weather has held (more or less) long enough for us all to enjoy it. As always, you can start your tuesday with me at 7am at 93.1fm, or online if you are from away.

At 8:30, my good friend and former co-host Luke Cote will be joining me via phone to give us his semi-regular otherside of the world update. It will be a little more free-wheeling than normal, but might include ongoing missile tests, allegations of cyber-terrorism, and the dear leader’s apparent terminal illness.

We will also continue to go through the greatest hits bag, replaying my conversation with Kelp Record’s Jon Barlett at 7:30.

I’ll also touch on some of the following:

Canada to require Czechs, Mexicans to have visa to enter the country. Apparently too many people were earning to be gfee

Funding for upgrades to Lanark’s sewer system needed.

Old Chelsea doesn’t like New colours.

No olympics for female ski jumpers

It’s not just in your head: it can be windy both ways in this town.

A slowstart for byward market blues.

Adam Interviews Tony Dekker of the Great Lake Swimmers

The new album, Lost Channels, by The Great Lake Swimmers was one of ten albums included on the short list for the 2009 version of the Polaris Music Prize. On June 19th they played a show in Ottawa at First Baptist Church located at the corner of Elgin and Laurier. Prior to the show I spoke with the lead singer and songwriter for the band, Tony Dekker. The interview can be found below. In the interview we talk about a cover version the band did of Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s song “Don’t Cry No Tears”. I have included videos of both songs below.

At the end of the interview I throw to the song “I will never see the sun” from the band’s self-titled debut album. Since this isn’t live radio you can hear the song by clicking here.

Radio Topics, July 7th

Holy crap, it’s July already.

As Adam probably mentioned last week, he is off to Kingston for the rest of the summer. Worry not, however, as I am still around and can more than hold up the fort. As always, I am on from 7-9am on 93.1 FM in Ottawa, for people everywhere else.

This week will be a mix of a little bit more music than normal, reflecting the start of Bluesfest, some greatest hits interviews from earlier in the year, and fresh discussion.

Sarah Palin steps down; everyone sort of disappointed that SNL is on hiatus.

Russia, US agree to limit Nuclear stockpiles. More!

The Secret Mulroney cabinet abortion discussions are suddenly less secret. Cabinet discussions from the period when Canada’s abortion laws were struck down have been released through access to information.

Honduras has a coup, both sides pretty guilty of skulduggery. More!

Saskatchewan to let justices of the peace refuse to marry same-sex couples.

More Canadians behind on credit payments.

Stepping closer to carriage fees for cable.

Pay to make things for play: Ontario helps Ubisoft open Toronto location.

Alberta decides again that high speed rail is a good idea.

McGuinty tells Toronto to take care of its own garbage.

Developer with good idea blocked by red tape.

Emperor of Japan to visit Canada’s worst postal code.