Radio Topics, September 1st

So, summer has come to an end, and the kids head back to school. Adam returns, fresh from spending the summer in Kingston. Catch us live on 93.1fm from 7 to 9am, or at for all the rest.

As per tradition, we’ll kick off the school year by having a conversation with my younger brother Andrew at 8:30.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Reading Rainbow getting cancelled!

Class affects school success.

Lansdowne design to be released. Citizen

Carleton upgrades security.

Big Box asian food retailer moving into town, Somorset vendors concerned.

Seizure and sale of accused bike thief’s bikes sparks criticism of Ontario proceeds of crime legislation.

Canada: G8 nation, 1700 boil water orders.

Rats getting close to Alberta.

Toronto Catholic School bans kilts.

Democracy is bad for the economy says Baird.

Radio Topics, August 25th

And so summer winds to a close. I’m on my own for one final week before adam returns from his 8 week, government funded stay in Kingston. Tune in at 93.1fm or

Concluding our summer retrospective series, we will listen again to interviews with Mel Hurtig and Christie Blatchford.

Because they are assholes, the federal government is appealing the federal court of appeal decision saying they should ask to get Omar Khadr back. Now it’s off to that noted bastion of neo-conservative thought, the Supreme Court of Canada.

Drivetesters on strike. I was seriously one of the last people through.

Ottawa criminal lawyers likely to support legal aid boycott.

Local businessman thinks he can make money with a Can-Am team in Ottawa. I’d write a sarcastic comment, but it almost seems mean.

Last minute Lansdowne Live alternative?

Clive ponders stepping down.

Elizabeth May chooses a “winnable” riding. And faces a nomination contest.

Urban tree bylaw kicks in fully next week.

Radio Topics, August 18

Hi all! It’s another tuesday! We’ll talk about some of the below, plus going back through the interview archives. 7-9am on 93.1fm for those in Ottawa, for everyone else.

Another court tells government it has to ask for Omar Khadr back.

Canadian Patent firm beats Microsoft; Word not to be sold in the US until it all settled.

Ottawa chief of police: test fire guns, record markings, before selling them.

Remember the prospect of an NDP name change that everyone was talking about? Never even got voted on.

Vancouver’s Canada line opens.

NCC open to twinning paths.

An email tax to fight spam?

Hard times are still comin’, municipols told.

Facebook tweaks privacy policy to make Privacy Commissioner happy.

Radio Topics, August 11

Good Morning! Ottawa is finally starting to feel a little like summer! Adam is still reading school books from the 19th century, so It’ll just be me in studio this week. As we have the past few weeks, we will revist a conversation we’ve had previously, this week featuring my interview with the authors of the Unexpected War, Eugene Lang and Janice Gross Stein, in the first hour. During hour two I’ll talk with Mark Watson, artistic director for the Thousand Islands Music Festival, which takes place this weekend in Ganonoque.

As always, we’ll focus on some of the following:

The mayor is not guilty. The judge did not rule on his mediocrity.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the VIA trains ran faster? Chretien had a plan.

Do we default to parks to automatically?

Military worried about soldiers drinking away their danger pay.

Tories after party vote subsidy again; this time they are directly poking separatists.

NDP ponder dropping “new” from their name.

Tim Horton’s caught in a “family values” sponsorship flap.

Carleton students take “Israel Apartheid” ban to Human Rights Commission.

Paul Dewar’s cycling report drops.

Hockey player allegedly beats up cab driver over 20 cents.

Unsurprisingly, there’s some nimbyism for private dams in BC.

Radio Topics, August 4th

Hello all! I hope that everyone had a good Civic Holiday regretting having gloated about working in Quebec in June Day Colonel By Day! We’ll talk about some of the following tomorrow from 7-9am in the usual place, 93.1FM for those in Ottawa, for everyone else.

As in the past few weeks, we’ll sprinkle in some greatest hits. This week, in the second hour we will hear a conversation I had with Jeff Rubin a few weeks ago about his new book. In the first hour, we’ll go way back and hear a conversation I had with Tracy Kasaboski about her book, The Occupied Garden.

O’Brien verdict/inevitable appeal coming tomorrow!

BC at critical fire risk. More, from Canwest.

So, rememer that national controversy a paper in New Brunswick caused about the Prime Minsiter and a communion wafer? Apparently they had absolutely no evidence to back it up. Like, ever.

Good sense wins: Canada to smarten up on shipbuilding.

Carleton instructor’s firing causes a stir, as being an accused terrorist often does.

Toronto slowly returns to being garbage free.

Ironies of nomenclature: the dead sea is actually dying. What can be done to fix it?

New poll questions Canadians support for the Oil Sands.

Blaming the victim: Women who died after being lost near Golden, BC last year at fault, says statements of defence from those accused of not rescuing her fast enough.

Blaming the victim?: Police target cycling safety in August blitz. See what Adam said in the other place.

I see false controversy: posting rorschach images, common meanings casuses controversy on wikipedia.

Canada has a high rate of c-sections (nearly 30%!). Following guidelines could bring it down.

Tories apparently trying to change language in diplomatic letters. Film at 11.