Radio Topics for September 29th

Mike is off living his real life so I will be joined by Tuesday Morning Special Blend regular guest Simon Cameron. As well during the show I will be talking with a representative from the Museum Workers Union (Public Service Alliance of Canada) who are currently on strike from the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corp. which runs both the Museum of Civilization and The Canadian War Museum. As per usual we air from 7 to 9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for those who aren’t!

City Councillor at Large: Coming to Ottawa?

Ignatieff’s Quebec Lieutenant Denis Coderre resigns as he believes the Liberal party is now controlled by “advisers from Toronto.” However they are still going to propose a non-confidence motion anyway.

Ottawa Transit workers don’t want to give up the right to strike.

Bixi is successful in Montreal and now seems to be working in Ottawa.

Is Canadian Blood Services ban on blood donation for men who have had sex with men a violation of the Charter? Kyle Freeman says it is and he is taking his case to court to prove it.

Why liscencing cyclists is a bad idea.

Radio Topics for September 22nd

Happy Fall Equinox. Celebrate the official end of summer by listening to Adam and Mike. At 8:30 Mike will be speaking with Malkolm Boothroyd, a seventeen-year old rider who cycled all the way from Whitehorse to raise awareness about climate change in association with the Pedal for the Planet program. As always, we are on the air from 7-9 on 93.1FM in Ottawa, everywhere else.

Top American General in Afghanistan thinks that the NATO force will fail if they don’t receive even more troops.

Not all Quebec doctors think that they should “tolerate euthanasia in certain circumstances.”

Don’t plan on visiting the Canadian War Museum or the Canadian Museum of Civilization anytime soon. Their employees are on strike.

Carleton University suspends its women’s soccer team for alleged rookie hazing party.

When a bus picks a fight with a bicycle its the cyclist that (in this case tragically) loses.

In a combination of strange and insulting, Health Canada sends body bags to Manitoba native reserves as part of H1N1 Flu kits.
At least they now have a new communications strategy to deal with events like this.

Elizabeth May wins her nomination for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Car free condo gets the go-ahead in Toronto.

Radio Topics, September 15

Good Morning! As always, we are on the air from 7-9 on 93.1FM in Ottawa, everywhere else.

For now, until at least an election is averted, we will try to keep all the speculation and issues in one 15 minute section. This week, we’ll touch on some of these:

Documents reveal that Clement did help pull Ablonczy from tourism programs.

The Harper government will fight the deficit without raising taxes (but not those taxes.)

NDP appears to be mid-blink.

Today in not-a-story: Liberal 10-percenter wilfully interpreted to be slight at the military.

Iggy gets cute with coalition allegations.

Reasons to bet against an election: 1/5 of MPs are pension eligible next summer…

In other news:

NDP laments de-staffing of lighthouses. In other news, Canada apparently still employs lighthouse keepers. Or at least employed

2008 election call challenged in court: don’t bet on the plaintiffs in this one.

It’s not as bad as we had thought, but it is still almost 40 million dollars to not have a train. Public transit in Ottawa’s take.

Time to shake off high salt diets.

You need a licence to drive a boat in Canada now. Unless you are renting and don’t use one all-that-often. It’s kinda like registering guns, just not shotguns.

Radio Topics for September 8th

Summer has come to an end for university students and campuses everywhere are flooded with wide-eyed frosh. Carleton is of course no different. So listen in to Adam and Mike as we may relive some of our favourite frosh week memories (but most likely will not). Catch us live on 93.1fm from 7 to 9am, or at for all the rest.

Election Watch ’09: Liberals unveil election ads

Allow kids to graffiti somewhere and they decide to graffiti everywhere.

The Federal Government really doesn’t want to get Omar Khadr back. So much so that they are willing to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Nortel’s piece by piece deconstruction continues as their Enterprise Unit is auctioned off.

The Michael Bryant saga continues into week two.

Canada’s hate speech laws violate the Charter says the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Samoa becomes the first country since 1970 to switch the side of the road it drives on!