Radio Topics, December 1

Welcome to December! Adam and I are both in town for the first time in a couple of weeks, which means that we will finally get to our annual run up Dunton tower. As you may remember, for every $50 we raised during funding drive, Adam committed to running up one story of Dunton. Additionally, for every $200 we raised, I we committed to him carrying an extra pound of weight.

Well, we raised over $1000, which means Adam will, for the second year in a row, run up the full building with extra dead weight. This will all happen live on radio at 8:10. As always, 93.1fm or to listen in.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

Ontario’s university system unsustainable?

CFS still mum as to CUSA getting a decertification referendum.

Straight couple in the UK want to get Civil Unioned, except the sexual orientation prevents them.

Al Jazeera English coming to Canada!

Liberals forced to make a decision about HST. But don’t expect Randy Hillier to say anything about it at Queen’s Park- he’s suspended for the session.

King of Lesotho in Ottawa to celebrate charity’s fifth anniversary.

Bats dying out?

Radio Topics, November 24

Hi all! Adam is away this week, so I’ll be joined by Josh Zanin. I think, though I make no promises, he and I will both be in town next week to do the run up Dunton Tower. In the meantime, we have an exciting show lined up. At 8:30, I’ll be joined in Conversation by Yann Martel, the booker-prize winning author of Life of Pi to talk about his new book, What is Stephen Harper Reading.

We’ll also look to some of the following:

To ban corporate donations municipally or not?

The Asian Carp are coming!

Slow and steady wins the race, unless you are endangered turtles and the race involves stimulus funds for road work.

Lansdowne passes the next hurdle.

In and Out in Court.

Street Racing law overturned.

Roger Greenberg on Lansdowne Live

This morning I spoke with Roger Greenberg, CEO of Minto, one of the three organizations behind the Lansdowne Live proposal. You may recall that I spoke with Clive Doucet (who I presume is the Councillor that Mr. Greenberg refers to) about this matter back in April.

In any case, the proposal goes before Council this week. Expect a mess of public delegations on Thursday, and I can only presume a heated debate amongst Councillors on Friday. I presume that efforts will be made to change the staff report suggesting that this plan move ahead, making it unclear what might actually be accepted in the end.

For what its worth, I am very much concerned that rejecting this proposal will just leave Lansdowne in the state that it is for the foreseeable future, which would be the real tragedy. I think that any development needs to be mixed-use, and think that a lot can be done to make any retail component something more than just a mall and benefit neighbouring businesses in the Glebe. How successful we are at this will determine how successful the new plan is. I also worry that we are developing a nasty habit of comparing every tangible proposal with every imaginable ideal one (and dread when we start to talk about the transit tunnel in greater detail.)

Radio Topics for November

Funding Drive is over for another year, thank you to everyone who donated to our show and to CKCU. You have bought yourself another 50 weeks of quality community radio. At 7:30 Adam is going to be speaking with Stephen Brunt, the author of the new book Gretzky’s Tears. Then at 8:30 Mike will be speaking with Roger Greenberg of the Landsdown Live Group who is seeking to develop Landsdown Park. As per usual we air from 7 to 9 on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for those not.

Healthcare gets a boost in the United States as Obama’s reform bill passes Congress.

It was twenty years ago today…well yesterday but still the Berlin Wall coming down was a big deal.

The Gun Registry is killed in the House of Commons…but is it really dead?

Looks like riders will have to pay more for OC Transpo yet again.

Its not quite a general election but still four seats is better then none in the eyes of us political junkies.
Globe and Mail covers the action.

Smitherman quits Ontario Cabinet then proceeds to declare his intentions to run for Mayor of Toronto.

Traffic really is bad for a city. Apparently Toronto congestion costs the country $3.3 billion a year.

Native Tribe in Northern BC don’t want to be Status Indians anymore.

Radio Topics for November 3rd – Funding Drive Edition

Welcome to week two of the funding drive. You still have five days left to donate to our show. Remember for every fifty dollars you give you push Adam up one more flight of stairs. This week at 8:10 we will be speaking with Tyler Kealey and having him play some songs from his album Characters. As per usual we will be airing from 7 until 9am on CKCU 93.1 FM for those in Ottawa and for the rest.

Wishing for smarter buses…you’ll have to wait as SmartBus technology purchase has been scuttled by council.

If the province is going to limit corporate donations to City Council election campaigns, why not ban them outright?

H1N1 Panic mode is in full swing. However the Ontario Health Unit for Ottawa says it has enough vaccines.

Women who wants to leave Saudi Arabia with her children is denied help by the Federal Government.

Kevin Page says we can’t dream our way out deficit, contrary to what Jim Flarety may say.

Mahar Arar can’t sue the US unless Congress first lets him.