Radio Topics for March 30th

The last Tuesday in March. Regardless of whether March goes out like a lion or a lamb tune in to Adam and Mike on the Tuesday Morning Special Blend. Between 7:30 and 8:00 Mike will be speaking with Matthew Fisher, who is Canwest’s Middle East and South Asia bureau chief and will be giving the annual Kesterton Lecture at Carleton University on Wednesday. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU Fm in Ottawa or for everyone else.

Moscow’s Metro is hit by a deadly suicide bombing. Russia promises swift retribution.

The Liberals wrap up their Canada 150 Conference with a promise to halt corporate tax cuts. All the while Robert Fowler really doesn’t have anything nice to say about either the Conservative’s or the Liberals.

Ottawa keeps getting safer and safer. Crime rates fall yet again in 2009 says Ottawa Police.

Canada hosts meeting between Arctic stakeholder but declines to invite Iceland…or Sweden…or Finland…or the Inuit.

Canada to revamp a lot of things: The Refugee Claimant Process and The Senate

The question of whether the Queen can climb 17 steps safely has become major news in Canada and Britain.

Diane Holmes halts plans to create segregated bike lane from Preston to Elgin Street.

Radio Topics for March 23rd

Welcome to Spring! Bring in the season by listening to the Tuesday Morning Special Blend. For the first time in a few weeks Mike and Adam will be present for the entire show. At 8:10 Adam will be speaking with Mack, the co-director of the new Black Box Concert Series in Ottawa. They presented their first show last Saturday night at the Irving Greenberg Theater Centre and the next show is already booked for April 18th featuring guitar player extraordinaire Don Ross.  At 8:30 Mike will be speaking with Marie Jose Houle, musician and former Tuesday Morning Special Blend Hour 3 host, regarding her current tour. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM for those in Ottawa and online at for those out of town.

Google stops cooperating with China’s draconian internet censorship policies.

House Democrats in the US pass health care legislation by the slimmest of majorities.

According to Lawrence Cannon, Gilles Duceppe compared present day Quebec Sovereigntists to WW2 resistance fighters and now everyone is demanding apologies.

The Ontario Liberals war on (legal prescription) drugs.

NRC says DND’s requirements for new search and rescue aircraft are so unacceptable that they need to rewrite the specifications.

Aurel Braun, the chairman of the board at Rights and Democracy Canada, skips out of Parliamentary Committee hearings for a second straight week.

The latest cabinet minister to have a run in with airport security is Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn and his bottle of tequila.

The Canadian Federation of Students thinks there is a problem with racism on Ontario University Campuses.

Radio Topics for March 16th

You may wonder what is different this week and the answer is of course darkness. With the clocks having sprung forward the sun rises a little later this week. At 7:30 Adam will be speaking with Michael Peterson of the band The Flats who are playing Saturday at Irene’s. Right after the news at 8:00 Mike will be speaking with Wayne Petti of Cuff the Duke who are playing this Friday at Mavericks. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for everyone else.

TV station Imedi TV in Georgia doesn’t quite understand how to make fake invasion broadcasts…

$7 a day buys you childcare in Quebec but not childcare and religious education says Quebec Government.

Allowing for a thousand and one jokes about three and baseball, baseball does indeed return to Ottawa Stadium this summer.

Its either brilliant or crazy…City floats idea of water taxis to solve the access problem for Lansdowne Park.

Who should pay to maintain the peace and quiet?

Les Soeurs de la Visitation d’Ottawa are leaving their Richmond Road property and Ashcroft Homes wants to redevelop.

If you thought tackling the US deficit was a big problem try organizing the census.

David Mason from Deloitte Accounting on the 2010 Federal Budget

This past Tuesday Adam spoke with David Mason, the Ottawa tax specialist from Deloitte Accounting about the implications and economic effects of the 2010 Federal Budget. Of particular interest for listeners is his discussion of the tax implications for individual income tax payers.

Radio Topics for March 9th

Mike is off doing real people stuff this morning so I am holding down the fort by myself this week. That means a little more music than usual but at 8:10 we have an interview with Dave Mason who is Deloitte’’s Ottawa Tax Leader. He will be discussing the recent Federal Budget and its implications for listeners. As per usual the show airs from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and at everywhere else.

Federal Budget is released and the Liberals decide it isn’t worth forcing an election over.

Federal Minister for Women Helena Guergis celebrates International Women’s Day by announcing a Federal grant program designed to get more women elected to municipal governments…although don’t think about changing the words of “O Canada.” wants more of a presence in Canada than just a .ca domain name.

A sin tax on pop? New York State thinks its a good idea.

Ottawa to become a little less ugly: Concrete barriers at US Embassy to be replaced.

Bob Chiarelli heading back to Queens Park.

Radio Topics for March 2nd

Still recovering from Sunday’s excitement. Since there is no Olympic highlights to watch this morning, join Mike and I for the Tuesday Morning Special Blend. At 8:10 Mike will be speaking with Catherine Fortin Lefaivre of the Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre about a panel they will be hosting on March 8th to celebrate International Woman’s Day. At 8:30 Adam will be speaking with Andre Bendahan of the Montreal band Final Flash who will be playing Ottawa on March 4th. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa and at for everyone else.

One of the largest earthquakes in the history of South America hits Northern Chile... but they will be okay.

Prorogation has ended and Parliament resumes sitting with Stephen Harper to present the budget on Thursday.
Apparently he found this one particularly difficult to put together.

Putting the ghosts of Ipperwash to rest, the Ontario government agrees to hand over the park to Aboriginals.

Thinking about reporting on Taliban attacks in Afghanistan? Think again says the Afghan government.

Helena Guergis does not like PEI… or airport security.

Minimum wage increases hurt the poor?

New conflict of interest rules severely limiting the number of engineering consultants the City of Ottawa can hire.