Mushkat (Bill Travis) and Mike Aube Live in Studio

On Tuesday, April 27th Adam spoke with two artists from Nova Scotia, Bill Travis (who releases music under the moniker Mushkat) and Mike Aube. They are touring Ontario and Quebec together and are in Ottawa this coming weekend. On Friday they play a show at the Clocktower Brew Pub on Bank Street, Saturday is a house concert (details given in the recording) and finally on Monday, May 3rd they are playing a show at the Rainbow Bistro in the Byward Market. The two chatted with Mike and I and played us some of the songs you can expect to hear at the show.

As well, listen for the best trumpet impersonation you will ever hear on Bill’s song “The Colours of Ernesto.”

Radio Topics for April 27th

Happy ANZAC Day for all Australians and New Zealanders out there. We are two days late but better than nothing. We have an exciting show lined up for you today. At 7:30 Adam will be speaking with Pat Moore, host of Weekend Warm-Up here on CKCU, about the upcoming Songwriters Up Close and Personal show at the NAC 4th Stage featuring Terry Tufts. Then at 8:10 Bill Travis, who releases music under the moniker of Mushkat, will be playing some tunes for us in studio with fellow Halegonian Mike Aube. They are playing a show at the Clocktower Brew Pub on may 1st and at the Rainbow on May 3rd. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa and for those from away.

UK Election is in full swing. TV debates, the possibility of a hung parliament and the suprising rise of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

Republican Senators block financial reform bill.

Harper Government finally makes it position on its maternal health initiatives clear: No funding for abortion

First Dalton McGuinty defends the proposed changes to the Ontario sex ed. cirriculum then withdraws the changes later in the week.

The Rahim Jaffer affair just keeps getting better and better.

In campaign-style announcements the Federal Liberals announce a national food policy.

Sussex Drive claims another cyclists. Thankfully the 55 year old cyclist was not killed.

Radio Topics, April 20th

Happy Tuesday! Adam and I will celebrate 4:20 by waking up early and going on the radio to make a series of terrible, terrible puns. It’s sort of like how other people celebrate the day, except earlier and without the aid of illicit substances.

At 8:15, Adam will speak with Tim Cook, author of At the Sharp End: Canadians Fighting in the Great War 1914-1916.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

The first part in an ongoing series: People I think should be Governor General.

The Airline Volcanopalypse continues.

More on Afghanistan detainees: a translator makes accusations, Uncle Walt responds.

Luge death: tragic accident.

Toronto Mayoral Candidate muses about “bike licences”.

Your government working for you: cracking down on inaccurate gas pumps.

Current Premier of BC uses arguments from 40 years ago to justify building a dam.

The Greyhound Station

(Image courtesy of cwangdom on flickr, CC-NC-SA)

I spoke with Stuart Robertson, the guy that owns the Greyhound station, this morning on radio – I do have audio, which I was planning on posting, but the file was eaten by my thumbstick. So expect that later.

Last week we talked about the Mayor’s thoughts on moving the bus station, and there has apparently been enough movement to spark Robertson to create a website against moving it. As a matter of background, Mr. Robertson rents the building to Station Centrale, who operates the terminal for Greyhound. This makes sort of a wierd situation, because essentially the landlord is creating a public campaign to pressure his tenant to keep renting space from him.

Robertson is looking to make sure that any decision that happens is in public, and “not by just the head of VIA rail”. As I said on air, the bus station is sort of weird in that, as best as I can figure, it is the only organized intercity transportation service where the depot is privately operated, designed, and held. Robertson suggested that zoning by the railyards would facilitate an easy switch of the station (which he thought was a bad thing, given that staff won’t get to study it), but that’s more or less exactly how these things are supposed to work. That puts the bus terminal in a weird grey zone: we might expect public input into its location, but I’m not sure on the surface if we actually have much of a say.

A couple of random thoughts, before I forget:

  • I like the bus station where it is, but am not wedded to it. This is mostly because its pretty close to my house. That’s an advantage I have, but I have never taken the bus so frequently that the cab fare would be a big deal.
  • I’m not totally sure what I think about having no inter-city transportation options directly downtown. On the one hand, it makes intuitive sense that you take people right downtown, on the other we are talking about moving the terminal less than 5km away, which really isn’t all that far, save for those that are walking. Ottawa has a pretty compressed downtown core, and many of the people that actually use the bus aren’t going to or from it, so perhaps we are a bit unrealistic about keeping everything there.
  • It’s a good press line, but I don’t really think that this is a decision that rests with just VIA. It would seem that it’s up to greyhound to determine the business case for where there station is located. For all I know they are looking to play potential landlords against each other for a better deal. VIA might make the offer to put a bus station somewhere, but nothing compels greyhound to take it.
  • The Carleton taxi and walking comparison’s on the website are kind of disingenuous, given that a cab fare to the University of Ottawa would be less by the rail station. Also, I doubt that student’s transportation decisions are really determined by a 6 dollar cab difference.
  • More on that: Being on the transitway, the via terminal actually has better bus service at all times of the day than Catherine Street. When I still lived in Nepean, arriving late on the bus was a pain to get home. It’s less so when a 95 comes by, even at 1:30 in the morning.
In short: I understand why there might be efforts to keep the bus station where it is, especially from the guy that has a stable and presumably lucrative tenant.  But the more I think about it, I’m more and more sure that moving the greyhound station in the not-so-distant future might make a lot of sense. I’m not wedded to any particular location, and I’ve probably thought as much about this in the last couple of days as anyone that isn’t directly involved, but I think that in any conversation we have about this I’m going to end up deciding another location would make sense, especially since all of this has me thinking about what could be done with the Catherine Street terminal if Greyhound leaves.

Radio Topics for April 13th

Welcome to the playoff edition of the Tuesday Morning Special Blend. The game is still the same but somehow it means more. We have a busy show lined up this week. At 8:10 Adam will be speaking with Lori Waller of Ecology Ottawa regarding their activities and their Green Policy Benchmarks for the 2010 Municipal election. Shortly after that Mike will be speaking with Dan Arnold of CalgaryGrit blogging fame about his new website Puck Probabilities. Finally at 8:30 Mike will be speaking with Stuart Robertson, the owner of the Ottawa Bus Station regarding possible redevelopment plans. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and online at

Helena Guergis has a really bad week. First she gets booted from Cabinet, then Caucus, then the RCMP are asked to investigate. All while the Liberals laugh.

Afghan Detainee Hearings: Canadian Forces Chief Investigator had no idea about Federal Court ruling of 2008 which found “real and serious concerns about the protection of Afghan detainees transferred to possible torture.”

Women kicked out of a French language course in Montreal for wearing the Niqab.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski, along with 95 other members of the Polish government and Armed Forces die in a plane crash in Russia while on their way to commemorate the Katyn Massacre of 1940. Now accusations abound.

UN Climate Convention Chief Yvo De Boer finally says what everyone has been thinking; no climate deal likely for 2010.

Vimy Ridge: 93 years later.

Nova Scotia’s NDP government unveils the perfect budget (well at least perfect in the eyes of Mike and I and Worthwhile Canadian Initiatives)

Radio Topics for April 6th

Happy Easter Tuesday? I guess the limit of holidays after Easter can only extend so far. Regardless tune in to Adam and Mike this Tuesday morning. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa or on for everyone else.

It seems the story of the upcoming Ottawa mayoral race is who won’t run. Peter Hume declares that he is out.

Our current mayor wants to move Ottawa’s Greyhound Bus Station out to where the VIA Rail Station is.

While there probably won’t be a Canadian election this spring, there is certainly going to be a British one.

However if there was a spring vote on which Federal leader Canadians would like to have a beer with, Jack Layton would win. (This makes me hate democracy)

Federal MPs seek to understand the internet with Google’s help.

The US makes it very clear; they want Canada to stay in Afghanistan. But maybe Canada has something different in mind? Like the UN Mission in the Congo? Well…think again.

Not missing its chance to make something tragic into something political: Vic Toews vows to crack down on the National Parole Board in the wake of them pardoning former hockey coach Graham James.

Canada’s definition of maternal health differentiates pretty substantially from that of the US and UK.