Radio Topics for June 1st

Welcome to the month of June. Mike is away this week doing real people things so it will just be me. With so much new music being released recently and with yesterday being the last day for Polaris Prize 2009-2010 eligibility I’ll be playing a larger selection of music than usual while highlighting some possible Polaris Prize nominees and some exciting new releases. As well, at 8:30 I will be joined in studio by members of the Ottawa area band The Flats. They have a show on Saturday at Zaphods and will be in studio talking about their new album and playing some tunes. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and at for everyone else.

119 Buildings around Ottawa open up their doors this coming weekend for Doors Open Ottawa 2010.

A new addition to Ottawa’s weather this week: Smoke!

Calgary: The Most Eco-Friendly city in the world?

Lets try this again: Tories want MPs working over the summer to create new copyright legislation.

So if Ottawa is actually going to build the O-Train the next thing to decide is what will the stations look like?

Radio Topics for May 25th

Make the return to the weekday routine a little less painful and tune into the Tuesday Morning Special Blend with Mike and Adam. At 8:10 Mike will be speaking with  Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, the author of the new book I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor’s Journey. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and at for everyone else.

Ministerial staff is no longer allowed to testify at House of Commons Committees says Stephen Harper’s office.

Royal Bank in the Glebe gets firebombed…apparently for supporting the Vancouver Olympics on “stolen native land.”

In the understatement of the year, Toronto police are describing a body found encased in cement then placed in an oil drum at the bottom of Lake Ontario as “suspicious.”

CIDA said in January that Abortion was among the measures necessary to meet the ambitious maternal-health goals of the Harper Government. Bev Oda and the Harper Government ignored it.

East vs. West: Shipbuilding Edition

Greenbelt farmers say the NCC doesn’t care about them…NCC disagrees.

Deep Water Horizon continues to spew oil into the Gulf of Mexico and BP keeps screwing up.

Radio Topics for May 18th

Come celebrate Victoria Day a little early this Tuesday morning because lets face it, next Tuesday you’ll be recovering from the weekend and there won’t be much celebrating going on when Tuesday morning rolls around. At 8:10 Mike will be speaking with Marci McDonald about her new book The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada. (Reviews here and here) At 7:30 we will be speaking with frequent contributor Josh Zanin regarding the Action Sandy Hill. As per usual we air from 7-9 on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for everyone else.

Two parties forming a coalition and behaving like adults? It certainly isn’t Canada.

A collision between a motorbike and a 16 year old cyclists results in the death of the cyclist. This coming on the heels of three cyclists death’s in Quebec.

Sheila Fraiser is denied access to audit MP’s expenses.

Opposition MPPs accuse the Ontario Liberal Party of attempting to undermine the reappointment of Provincial Ombudsperson Andre Marin.

The Museum of Nature is ready to be (re)opened to the public. Fitting that the Victoria Memorial Museum Building’s Grand Re-Opening should take place on Victoria Day Weekend.

The Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues unabated however never fear… Obama is looking into it.

Streetcars on Sparks Street?

The Harper Government probably just wishes this whole abortion thing would go away… but the National March for Life and Catholic Cardinals won’t let it drop.

While the Conservatives say they will never sign a coalition deal with the Bloc Quebecois, The Canadian Alliance clearly didn’t have a problem with it.

Rogers Wireless gets slapped with a lawsuit for revealing to the plaintiffs husband that she was having an affair.

Jon Bartlett on the Annual Kelp Weekend

Yesterday, I chatted with Jon Bartlett of Kelp Records about the annual Kelp weekend/anniversary bash, which kicks off tomorrow with Jim Bryson and Chris Page at the Mayfair. You can catch all the details over at the Kelp website.

As always, there’s a good mix of events at a bunch of awesome spots to see music: I’m regretting once again missing out on pulled pork at the Carleton. Be sure to also check out the free Kelp sampler, which has a fun mix of Kelp artists, friends, and so forth. Plus, free is free.

Radio Topics, May 11

Good morning! We have an exciting show lined up this week. At 7:30, I’ll speak with Mike Weickert of World Vision Canada to talk about their new report, Humanitarian Horizons. At 8:05, we’ll chat with Jon Barlett of Ottawa’s Kelp Records about that label’s 16 anniversary party this weekend.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Maybe the Jets will come back?

Do you care enough about renaming Wellington to donate to the cause? At least one person hopes you do.

Canwest gets sold.

You mean they can’t already? Police want speedy roadside access to MTO drivers licence photos.

The Bar Association comes out against random roadside breathalizers. No, the Bar Association with Lawyers.

It took forever to count, we know who will sit in the House, but no idea who will live in Number 10.

Radio Topics, May 4

Well, it’s almost Cinco de Mayo, so almost celebrate by joining Adam and I for the usual Tuesday morning banter. As always, we air at 7am Eastern on CKCU FM. 93.1 for all those in Ottawa; for everyone else!

This week in nerdy Parliamentary geekery: Michael Chong has some ideas.

Also, the speaker rules on the document issue. Hint: he sides with Parliament.

Jerkass vandals topple gravestones at Notre Dame Cemetery, risk being haunted and causing zombie uprising.

Our Ottawa lays out its vision.

Judy Wasylycia-Leis leaves parliament, runs for Mayor of Canada’s worst city.

Even more rail for Ottawa?

James Moore gets 2 minutes for 140 characters of hockey musing.