Radio Topics, September 28th

Happy Tuesday!

We’ve got an exciting show lined up to take away from what seems destined to be another cold, grey morning. At 7:30, we’ll hear a conversation I had with former deputy minister of INAC Harry Swain about his new book Oka: A Political Crisis and Its Legacy. In the second hour, we’ll go municipal again. At 8, I’ll be joined by Capital Ward candidate David Chernushenko. At 8:30, we’ll be joined by Isabel Metcalfe, who is also running in Capital.

In between, I’ll touch on some of the following:

Tories oust Liberals in New Brunswick.

Ontario NDP promises to subsidize rich people’s hydro bills.

US military pilots claim aliens deactivated nuclear missiles.

Also: the UN appoints a First Contact Czar.

Two sides shooting symbols at each other: Brian Given on Gun Culture in Canada

Candice Hoeppner’s private members bill to do away with the long gun registry goes to vote today. I know everyone has been following with interest the vote counting on this over the past few weeks, watching as a dozen or so NDP MPs respect the wish of their constituents flip flop opt to change their original vote in favour of the bill. Tonight’s vote, as I’m sure others will say, is a bit strange, as voting for the motion is actually voting to keep the registry. I’m going to do the nerd thing and ask the bar to switch to CPAC to watch the action.

In any case, yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with Carleton anthropology professor Brian Given on the matter of Gun Culture in Canada. We avoided the particular strengths and weaknesses of the registry, as that’s been covered elsewhere, instead looking to bridge the gap about why there’s so much passion on either side of this, but especially on the gun owners side.

Brian expressed some reservation afterwards that he might have come off as too pro-gun (which I don’t think he did), but as a matter of perspective, his other interests include Tibetan culture and for a time he didn’t eat meat. Stereotypical gun-nut he is not, but I do think that he offered some good insight as a sort-of-outsider into the attitudes and perspectives of gun owners, something that people that don’t use guns (like myself) often don’t have and, even worse, don’t often consider.


Radio Topics, January 21

Hello All!

Welcome to the first show of the autumn. To kick it off, we’ll speak with author Terry Fallis at 8am about his new book The High Road. He’s podcasting the book, so we’ll also hear an excerpt. At 8:30, I’ll speak with Carleton Antrhopology Professor Brian Given about tomorrow’s vote on the Gun Registry. For what its worth, the registry looks to survive the vote, and the tories claim that they need a majority to do it in.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Is there a threat to the TSX coming?

Is there a naked scanner coming to an airport near you?

In Vitro fertilization is too expensive for Ontario.

Tories looking to test boatloads of refugees different than other applicants.

Cutthroat water heater competition turns to social media.

Karkwa win Polaris prize.

Larry O’Brien, on his Re-Election Campaign

This morning, I spoke with Mayor Larry O’Brien about his campaign for re-election. We talked about what’s he’s achieved over the past year, his financial plans, setting up a arms-length agency for OC Transpo, and E-governance. The mayor made a quick comment at the end about his ring-road proposal, which I wish I’d remember to ask about earlier.

To say that the Mayor has had a rocky term is a bit of an understatement, but he is certainly a lot more polished now than before, even when we go outside of  what I presume he would have prepared for. He laments “professional politicians” a couple of times during the interview, but in terms of the actual practice of politics he has gotten much better.

Do enjoy!

Radio Topics, September 14

Happy Tuesday! We have a really exciting show lined up this week. Just after the 8:00AM BBC World News we’ll be joined by Mayor Larry O’Brien to discuss his re-election campaign. At 8:30, we’ll speak with Alex de Vries about his list of Ottawa’s worst bike problems.

We’ll also have a Twilight Zone prize pack to give away in the second hour, so be sure to keep listening!

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

The government’s maybe-funding of professional sports facilities continues down the crazy path.

It was bound to happen: Japan challenges Ontario’s green energy programs at the WTO.

Super Mario turns 25!

Jim Watson proposes a transparency plan for council.

BC will get to vote on the HST! And unlike STV, a simple majority will be good enough.

Radio Topics, September 7th

HI all! With the Labour Day long weekend having come and gone, so too has summer. Join me on CKCU at the usual time as we ring in the (unofficial) beginning of Fall.

At 8:45, we’ll be joined on the phone by Evan Thorton to talk about the federal government’s recent decision to not fund research into the controversial CCSVI treatment for MS.

The requisite labour day story: Should we be bracing for cuts? You should certainly be worried about where your job is going to be if you work in payroll for the feds.

Because the signs weren’t political: PCO required weekly updates on the number of Economic Action Plan Signs.

The growing trend of Provincial offices in Washington: Alberta rents space in the Canadian Embassy.

Student loan system’s taps will keep flowing because of 11th hour funding extension

Guerrilla camping in Victoria to be made illegal

Australia will likely find out who is going to be Prime Minister.

Dalton adds a childhood activity tax credit