Radio Topics, October 26th

Hello all!

As you are no doubt aware, CKCU is a community run- and funded- radio station. That means that for 50 weeks a year, we provide programming catered directly to our listeners, offering things that you really can’t hear else where, provide an outlet to people that might not otherwise be heard, and generally think about out listeners first. The other two weeks? Well, we pay for the first 50. So, Happy funding drive!

We’l be doing things a little bit differently this week as a result, with a focus more on the good stuff that the station does and constant requests for you to call in and help keep the station on the air. As in years past, there’s lots of good reasons to do so, including tax receipts, donation incentives (giveaways!), and the sense of accomplishment knowing that you keep great radio on the air. Also as in years past, we’ll be offering the opportunity to donate for something malicious: for every $50 that the station raises, I’ll run up one floor of stairs at Dunton tower, live on air.

If you aren’t able to listen, head to, where you can donate with the power of the internet. Just be sure to list Tuesday Special Blend as your show of choice.

Worry not, however: we will still be doing some of the normal show stuff: at 7:30, we’ll talk with Dan Gardner about his new book Future Babble. At 8:30, I’ll chat with Jen Bond from Artscene Ottawa about their upcoming Boardlink event. We’ll also have some special guests.

In between, I’ll try to do the rundown on Ottawa’s unexpectedly-exciting election results.

Radio Topics, October 12

Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a good weekend of family and Turkey!

In the second hour, we’ll hear conversations I had with Doug Saunders about his new book Arrival City and Dan Snow about his new book Death or Victory.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

10/10/10. Apparently its a thing.

The province of Quebec decides to sole source its subway car contract, possible killing the EU free trade deal.

The Defence Minister Peter MacKay denied entry into the UAE because Canada won’t let their airline fly more frequently into the country.

Canada being left behind in the mobile revolution.

Apparently we don’t have a right to an attorney during interrogation.