Radio Topics, April 26th

Happy Tuesday! I leave for a week, and the NDP begin to out-poll the Liberals. Up is down. Dogs are hanging out with cats. You get the drill. We’ll touch on the election in a couple of different ways (see the links below), but will also have three great interviews.

At 7:30, we’ll hear a conversation I had with Timothy Appleby, the author of A New Kind of Monster, which looks at the life and crimes of Russell Williams.

At 8:00, we’ll speak with Michel Vallee, Vice-Chair of the King Edward Taskforce on their efforts to see King Edward go on a road diet.

At 8:30, we’ll speak with Andy Lamey on his new book Frontier Justice.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Trouble in paradise: Clegg lashes out at David Cameron on AV referendum.

Work on the bike lane starts.

Liberals hit the panic button and play to health care fears. And they go after Jack!

The Iggy informercial.

Elections Canada investigates prank political calls.

Preston BIA opposes SOHO Italia

Radio Topics, April 5th

Happy Tuesday! We have an exciting show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll speak with former Green Party Leader Jim Harris about Elizabeth May’s lack of inclusion in the federal leaders debate. At 8:30, we’ll speak with Eric Darwin of the Dalhousie Community Association about their AGM on Wednesday.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Stadium debate delayed.

High School secretary runs into problems with past porn career.

Canada needs program for catastrophic drugs.

More on the polygamy case.

Nunavut looks for a road to many unserviced communities.

Ontario getting shortchanged on energy payments?

The looming crisis of age.