Radio Topics for July 26th

Summer is rapidly winding down as this is the last show for July. To send July out with a bang we have an exciting show lined up for you. At 8:05 Mike will be speaking with Nadine Gelineau from The Musebox about their upcoming discussion regarding achieving success in the music industry. At 8:15 Adam will be speaking with Kathy Ewen about an upcoming Beadworks Fashion Show to raise money for Operation Come Home. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM here in Ottawa and on for everyone else.

Imagine getting paid to use power! That could never happen right? Right?

As one Lansdowne lawsuit wraps up, another could be beginning,

Jack Layton temporarily steps down as leader of the NDP due to a new cancer diagnosis.

Nowegian bomb blast and camp shooting stuns the world. Apparently the alleged perpetrator’s manifesto mentions Canada quite a few times.

August 2nd draws nearer and still no resolution to the US debt crisis.

Postal workers just can’t get a break.

New NDP MPs inherited empty file cabinets and in some cases, sarcastic notes.

Water: Something Alberta is running out of.

Radio Topics, July 19

Happy Tuesday! Adam is off to Toronto, where he will try not to fall a sleep while working in the United Church archives. I’m here, though, so tune into CKCU to listen to the show.

Spacing Magazine brings its summer roadshow to Ottawa tomorrow evening at the NAC. We’ll speak with Spacing Ottawa editor Evan Thornton at 8:05 about the event and the brand new issue.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Bikes vs. Jet plane across LA. Guess who wins?

Divorcing couples to be forced to try something other than the courts.

Uncle Walt muses about the usefulness of troops on the ground in Libya.

Norway may want its wrecked ship back.

Tough on crime bill to get really tough on youths.

Toronto begins voluntary staff buyouts.

Time to get serious about electricity.

Radio Topics for July 12th

Welcome to week two of the Ottawa Bluesfest concert marathon. This week at 7:30 Adam will be speaking with Paul Henry from the City of Ottawa Archives about their new building. As well we will hear from Mike all about the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and what it looked like from 4 miles away. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and on for everyone else.

Congratulations are in order for South Sudan, becoming the newest state in the world.

Kind of like leaving the wolf in charge of the sheep…Canada to boycott UN disarmament conference because its chaired by North Korea.

In a less reasonable action from Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird denounces Palestinian bid for statehood.

Cost cutting: The Rob Ford edition
Cost Cutting: The Rob Ford edition pt. 2

CTV’s Quebec City correspondent resigns in spectacular fashion.

Ottawa’s Laurier Bike Lane opens! The world has not ended.

New LRT plan approved. Contract to be awarded by December 2012.

It’s a little different than having a family of squirrels living in your attic.

Radio Topics, July 5th

Happy July! I hope that everyone had a great long weekend- join Adam and I as we prepare for the marathon that is Bluesfest. We’ll talk about some of the following- so tune in from 7-9 on CKCU!

The Royals were in town! They did things! They are very polite! They went shopping!

Google Plus: It’s a thing.

Oxford Comma? No longer a thing.

Ottawa sells AECL for peanuts, agrees to give buyer a jar of cashews.

And you though Ottawa’s city government was bad: Halifax almost blows a Metallica concert.

Douchebag Toronto Councillor vows to cut pride parade funding.

Canada and Russia to hold military show of force exercises in the North. Best get out your tape measures!