Radio Topics for August 30th

Welcome to the last week of August. This is Adam’s last show before he heads out west for school so we promise it will be a good one! As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa and online at for everyone else.

Jack Layton is laid to rest all while speculation regarding NDP leadership heats up.

Tell us why Toronto should have lower taxes and you could win lunch with Doug Ford!

Bachmann is super crazy…no seriously, she is super crazy. Then again so is the other guy who is getting a lot of buzz. At least someone has some sense.

“Don’t Be That Guy Campaign” comes to Ontario.

Its late August and you know what that means! Stephen Harper visits the arctic.

Hurricane…errr…Tropical Storm Irene hits the US.

Francois Legault’s party doesn’t have a name but it is already has plans of its platform.

BC voters reject the HST.

Radio Topics for August 23rd

August is winding down. This is Adam’s second last show before he heads back to Vancouver for the school year. We have an exciting show lined up for our listeners with our usual mix of current affairs, news and community listings. As Ottawa Folk Fest is coming up this weekend we will be previewing some of the acts who will be performing there this year. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for everyone else.

RIP Jack Layton

It’s the Royal Canadian Air Force again… At least they will be saving $1 billion a year.

Elections Canada to look at online voting. Maybe this will help with the fact that Federal and Provincial elections will happen at exactly the same time?

The end game for Libya begins. Now who gets all that oil that’s under the ground?

Canadian Bar Association is not a fan of the Torie’s tough on crime legislation. This includes plans to quadruple pardon fees. A plan 99% of people consulted said was a bad idea.

Ottawa Citizen series on making Ottawa a great city sparks discussion.

Tony Clement probably just wishes that the whole G8 thing would just go away.

Provincial NDP offers funds for transit fares freeze.

Radio Topics, August 16th

Welcome to the middle of August! Adam has found a good deal to go to Quebec City for a few days, so I’ll be flying solo. Tune in nonetheless, as I have an exciting show lined up.

At 8:05, I’ll be speaking with Patrick Gordon of Patrick Gordon Framing. We’ll be discussing his gallery’s current exhibition of works in the private collection of John Irving.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

Ontario Liberals promise service guarantees.

AND it looks like we’ll have an interesting provincial election afterall!

Ontario Heritage Trust willing to deal on Aberdeen Pavillion.

Wind turbines too loud?

Government announces that the navy will be officially known as the Royal Canadian Navy again.

Small town Quebec Mayor does something very small town.

All sorts of fun stuff happened at the CBA conference.

Lowertown Condo development approved.

The NDP get their answer to the Manning Centre.

One of the richest guys alive is tired of being coddled.

Radio Topics, August 9th

Adam and I are both back from a week away. Tune in tomorrow and see how many new puns we can string together about S&P downgrading the US.

The city looks to minimize runoff in waterways.

What are the limits of self-defence?

Government to get reasonable on IT policy (which isn’t the same as allowing chrome…)

Ontario locks in 1800 clean energy programs.

CIA tracked Trudeau, Canadian economy. News at 11.

Edmonton needs three years to stop murder rate. (No killing policies take time to implement, it seems.)

Debate over artificial reefs in BC.

US apparently has debt problems.