Radio Topics, September 27th

Hello! I’m back in the host’s seat after a couple of weeks away. We’ve got an exciting show as always. At 8, I’ll speak with Wayne Smith from Fair Vote to talk about the provincial election. It’s new music Tuesday, so we’ll break out new songs from Dan Mangan and Elliott Brood.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

PEI election gets a little less sleepy with bribery allegations.

Ontario election:

Liberal ridings do well in Ontario Development fund.

Ontario debt sparks trouble ahead.

With two weeks left, people are about to start caring about the provincial election. For sure.

Other news:

Expert panel goes after energy drinks.

University not a sure ticket to career success.

Seal cull proposal causes controversy.

Margaret, meet Doug. Doug, this is what Margaret looks like.

Radio Topics, September 6th

Welcome to September! Adam is back west, the nights are beginning to get cold, and frosh have returned to Carleton. Tune in at 7am to see me kick off my 10th year at CKCU.

In other tenniversary, we mark 10 years since the World Trade Centre attacks.

The provincial election is kicking off, and the Liberals have launched their platform. It’s got tuition cuts and all day go trains.

Other provinces are also doing the election thing: Manitoba, PEI, but not BC.

Bigfoot exists, and this guy has proof.

Another tragedy befalls a former NHL enforcer.

Tories call on Elections Canada to investigate NDP. Separatist asks human rights tribunals to investigate Harper’s comms director.