Radio Topics, November 29

It’s the end of November! We’ve got an exciting show lined up.

At 8:05, we’ll hear from the executive director of the Canadian Museums Association. They’ll be in Ottawa this week to talk about the state of museums in Canada.
We’ll also touch on some of the following:

A lobbyist registry for city hall?

How good is the city with conflicts of interest?

Ottawa/Alberta caught off guard by EU oil regs.

Beau’s brings the fight (but not the beer) to the premier’s door.

Friends of Lansdowne in court again

Make the National Gallery free (again)

Wheat Board is toast.

Polygamy upheld in BC court reference.

Radio Topics, November 22

What a show we have lined up for you this week! At 8:05, we’ll chat with some of the folks behind This Is Our Youth, a new show from Sock ‘n’ Buskins that premiers next week. We’ll even have an in-studio performance. At 8:30, we’ll hear a from Bill Blaikie, former MP and NDP stalwart, about his new book The Blaikie Report, which looks at the intersection of faith and politics.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Rob Ford loses his effort to cap curbside recycling.

Occupy Ottawa gets the boot. And elsewhere too!

Canadians willing to pay tolls for roads.

Prime Minister’s jet to get new paint job?

Radio topics, November 15th

Hi all,

Happy Tuesday! At 8:05 we’ll hear a conversation I had with Don Ferguson about his new book on the history of the Royal Canadian Air Farce. We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Ethical oils fails?

BC redoes family law.

Condo window bust in toronto?

Cycling safety and Trucks.

OC Transpo fires foul-mouthed driver.

NDP begins the minority parliament game.

Bank reopens!

UK looks to Canada to deal with separation movements.

Canada on the sidelines of new trade pact.

Radio Topics, Day of the Dead edition

Happy Day of the Dead!

  1. We’ve got an exciting show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll speak with Citizens for Safe Cycling VP Alex DeVries about their upcoming AGM. A 8:30, well speak with one of the organizers for Rock and Roll speed dating. Also, funding drive. So do listen and dial in often.

We’ll also hit some of these:

Capital infocentre to close.

Vancouver makes arrests from Canucks riioters.

Tories love the queen so much they are ordering flowers.

Also not afraid to burn money.