Radio topics, December 13

Happy Tuesday! CKCU is on the air, and I’ve got an exciting show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll be speaking with Jane Hilderman from Samara about their new report, The Real Outsiders. At 8:30, we’ll chat with Geoff Green of Students on Ice about their upcoming Antarctic trip.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Canada drops out of Kyoto.

A ban on veils a citizenship ceremonies?

ADQ and CAQ merge in Quebec

Liberals ask GG to put aside responsible government.

Federal government shelves sodium reduction plan

Radio Topics, December 6th

Happy Tuesday! December has arrived, and we are into the final few shows of the year. Tune in to CKCU from 7-9 as we wind down the year.

You may have missed it, but IKEA had built a new store in Ottawa. It sits next to the Queensway near pinecrest, mostly out of sight. I got to go take a look last night; at 8:05 we’ll be joined by Lisa Turriff who was there to experience it as well.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Plasco has a deal. And more!

Ontario has the priciest auto insurance.

And more!

NDP PMB calls for standardized cellphone chargers, Industry responds by committing to it months ago.

Canada pulls out of Kyoto.

Rob Ford’s Toronto Star Boycott.

Attawapiskat sends 3rd party managers packing.