Radio Topics, March 27th

The Junos are in town this week, and so are all sorts of bands.

Brothels legalized!

Ontario budget Day! Freezes a coming: Salaries! Welfare!

Alberta heads to the polls!

Transgendered women kicked out of Miss Universe pageant

BC Goes after the polygamists

Ghost ship making its way to BC

US commits to reducing nuclear weapons arsenal.

James Cameron goes in the Abyss

Peggy’s Cove lighthouse needs new owner.

Radio Topics, March 20th

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got an exciting show lined up, so tune in at 7am on CKCU!

At 8:05, we’ll speak with Citizen’s for Safe Cycling President Hans Moor about their Spring Cycling Celebration, taking place this Saturday. At 8:30, we’ll speak with Tokunbo Ojo, a professor at the School of Journalism, about an event they are hosting today on the KONY 2012 videos.

We’ll also touch on some of this:

What, Toronto-Danforth stays orange?

NCC sticks to market-rate policy.

Ottawa’s unwieldy twitter policy

AG looking at F-35.

Tories take a salvo at Rae

Sex-starved fruit flies find solace in alcohol.

Radio Topics, March 13

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got an exciting show lined up, with a couple of fun surprises for the second hour. Tune in on CKCU at 7am!

Clayton Ruby wants Rob Ford to get tossed from office.

BC imposes settlement on teachers.

Dion on the NDP and sovereignty.

Cashless society putting pressure on Canada’s payment system

A downtown casino for Ottawa?

Today in Harm Reduction: Heroin better than Methodone?

Time to get out of the ‘stan earlier?

Ravens win for 8th time in a decade!

Radio Topics, March 6

Welcome to March! We’ve got a full show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll speak with Luxey Sirisegaram about Carleton’s upcoming production of the Vagina Monologues. At 8:25, we’ll speak with Cynthia Waldmeier of the Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre’s International Women’s Day Panel, also taking place at Carleton. At 8:35, we’ll talk with Erik Darwin, President of the Dalhousie Community Association about their open house for the Bayview-Carling CDP.

We’ll also touch on some of these:

Operators in the Transportation industry probably need more sleep.

Ottawa and Ontario Tourism Information Centres.

Domtar is ready to sell.

Ontario and Quebec complain about federal downloading.

Tories call on Liberals to release phone records. Won’t show theirs.

Feds won’t cut hockey ticket tax subsidy.

Kids born later in the year more likely to be treated for ADHD.

Tulip Festival moving.