Radio Topics for June 28th

Happy early Canada Day. Next time the show airs we shall be into July and the future King and Queen of England will have departed Ottawa. We have an exciting show lined up. At 7:30 Adam will be speaking with Michael Dawson who is the keyboardist and lyricist for the Regina band Library Voices who are appearing at Bluesfest this year. At 8:06 Mike will be speaking with Marc Aubin from Heritage Ottawa regarding their new report on heritage buildings in Lowertown. Finally, at 8:30 Adam will be speaking with the Vancouver singer/song-writer Hannah Georgas regarding her performance at this year’s Bluesfest. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU FM 93.1 in Ottawa and online at for everyone else.

New York to allow gay marriage.

After a Thursday lasting 52 hours, Canada Post workers are legislated back to work. Mail delivery to start today.

Rob Ford’s cottage vacation was scheduled for the exact same time as Toronto’s Gay Pride Festival.

Prince William and Kate are visiting Canada…prompting one of the more bizarre news stories of the year.

Report critical of Lansdowne redevelopment not shown to city council.

Latest polling numbers show Changebook is resonating with Ontarions. Tim Hudak as the next premier of Ontario?

The race for the Republican presidential nominee for 2012 heats up as Tea-Party darling Michele Bachmann joins the race.

Radio Topics for June 14th

The summer festival season has started. Westfest concluded this past Sunday and Jazzfest starts soon. We continue every Tuesday though, festival or not. We have an exciting show lined up for you this week. At 7:30 Mike will be speaking to Jenny McDonald a Blues / Folk artist from Halifax,NS who is performing tomorrow night at the Rainbow. Right after the BBC News at 8:00 Mike will be speaking to Peter Rickman, a student organizer and activist from Wisconsin.  Finally at 8:30 we will have Alnoor Allidina and other members of the cast of Question Period: The Musical to discuss their upcoming Fringe Festival show and hopefully perform a few numbers from the production. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1FM in Ottawa and at for everyone else.

Its not only Jon Stewart criticizing Canada’s continual export of Asbestos. The UN also isn’t thrilled with it either.

The appeal of the Ontario Supreme Court Decision which struck down prostitution laws has begun hearing crown arguments.

Fewer Canadians are using Facebook. Apparently usage plateaus at 50% of the population.

The NDP and Tories agree on very little…but they do both think that ‘mega-trials’ need to be conducted in a more efficient manner.

21 000 Bulgarian artifacts and 18 000 coins are going home after handover at the Museum of Civilization.

Heart, kidney, lung and uterus, what do they all have in common? All can be transplanted from one person to another.

A party that doesn’t even exist yet may win the next Quebec provincial election.

Radio Topics for August 24th

This will be Adam’s last show as he flies out to Vancouver in a week. Never fear though as he’ll reappear from time to time so this isn’t goodbye for good. At 8:06 (right after the BBC News) we are going to be joined by Somerset Ward Council Candidate Don Fex to talk about his ideas for the ward. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa or online at for everyone else.

Canadian Association of the Chiefs of Police want the Harper government to keep the Federal Long Gun Registry.

Is the idea of a Peer-Reviewed journal becoming obsolete in the Internet age?

I hope Ottawa finds something equally as cool when we start digging tunnels underneath our city streets.

The mass arrest of G20 protesters in June leads to a mass court appearance in August.

Its late August, time for Harper to head to the Canadian Arctic and dole out cash.

Watson wants to shrink Ottawa City Council to as few as 14 members.

The City of Ottawa wants to hear from cyclists about the most dangerous roadways in Ottawa.

Cullen says scrapping the transit tunnel would set the city’s light rail planning back to square one.

Radio Topics for August 17th

The remaining Tuesdays in August countdown and Adam still doesn’t have a place to live in Vancouver. Never fear though as both Adam and Mike will be on-air this Tuesday from 7-9am. As per usual the show airs on 93.1 CKCU FM for those in Ottawa and online at for those from away.

Obama administration halts deep water drilling environmental review exceptions.

Apparently Harper isn’t the first Conservative PM to take issue with the census.

Ontario elementary school teachers want an end to standardized testing.

The battle over California’s Proposition 8 continues to drag through the courts.

Vancouver debates the merit of congestion fees for downtown.

A boatload of Tamil’s show up on Canada’s shores and the bigotry begins.

Mandatory helmet usage when biking?

wi-fi is making our children sick?

Radio Topics for August 10th

The count down towards Adam’s departure continues. No fixed departure date but its getting closer so make sure to tune in. This week we will hopefully be joined by longtime friend of the show Luke Cote. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa or at for everyone else.

The Green Party to hold a leadership contest? Maybe?

Robert Gates is a very smart man, very smart indeed.

Ottawa’s infrastructure situation requires action..$125 million worth of action.

Name a substantial threat to safety on Ottawa’s streets? You probably won’t guess it.

The fight to save Kingston’s Prison Farms continues.

Despite torture and threats of gang rape, Omar Khadr’s confessions are ruled to be admissible.

John Baird, the new House Leader for the Tories, chooses to be restrained when talking about Ottawa’s transit plans.

The latest panic over the niqab…women boarding planes without showing their face.

Radio Topics for July 27th

The number of Tuesdays left before Adam moves out to BC is counting down, today is T-3 (give or take). At 8:10 Adam is going to be talking with current Capital Ward Councillor and mayoral candidate Clive Doucet about his decision to enter an already crowded mayoral race. As per usual we air from 7-9 am on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa and at for everyone else.

Preston Manning is advocating for a gigantic government sponsored project…I’m serious and presumably so is he.

Thought Ontario was already strict enough about what young drivers can and can’t do? Dalton McGuinty doesn’t.

Why use science to make drug policy when science disagrees with your gut. So what if it aids the spread of HIV.

(Prison) Farmers Feed Our Cities… but not for much longer.

The mother-load of all document leaks sees 92 000 documents relating to the War in Afghanistan being posted on the site

Navy Helicopters: Trading functionality for a made in Canada tag.

Jarvis Street bike lane opens for cyclist traffic in Downtown Toronto.

Radio Topics for July 13th

Mike is back this week and last night was the mid-festival night off so you will get two (hopefully) awake radio hosts for two whole hours. At 7:30 we hopefully will be joined by a representative of Ecology Ottawa to talk about their report calling for a moratorium on road construction in the City of Ottawa. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM here in Ottawa and at everywhere else.

According to The Washington Post Ottawa is now the coolest city in Central Canada.

Official Languages Commissioner may yet rescue the census long-form from oblivion.

Democracy Watch leader Duff Conacher is stepping down after 17 years.

Something about this story stinks: Orgaworld to ship Toronto’s smelly Green Bin waste to Ottawa

Ottawa-area hospitals will now administer rape-kits 24/7.

Ecology Ottawa report calls for halt to Ottawa’s road construction.

Canada has a new Governor-General: David Johnston

Could tolls on 400 series highways running through Hamilton and Toronto be the solution to traffic congestion?

Radio Topics for June 29th

Happy (early) birthday Canada! Mike is away enjoying a long long weekend so it will just be Adam this week. That means a little more music than usual but, given the sheer volume of amazing new releases these past few months, that is something to be thankful for. As well at 8:10 Adam will be joined in studio by Robert Dekker who is running for the Summerset Ward seat on City Council when municipal election time rolls around in November. As well at 8:30 Adam will be joined by Michael Jenkin, President of the Ottawa South Community Association, to discuss the grand re-opening on the Old Ottawa South Community Centre. As per usual we air from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa and at for those from away.

After months of debate and discussion the Lansdowne Live proposal finally gets put before a vote at City Hall.

The Queen is coming to Canada! But does anyone really care?

The G20 Summit is over and Toronto cleans up after the largest mass-arrest in Canadian history.

Despite the violence the leaders at the summit actually did something… Much to everyone’s surprise.

Its the Cold War all over again as the US arrests 10 individuals for spying for the Russian government.

Radio Topics for June 15th

Mike is away exploring Nova Scotia by RV so I am on my own this Tuesday. Never fear though as we have an exciting show lined up for you. First off, Mike’s pre-recorded voice will be joining us at 8:10 when he speaks with Richard Florida about his new book The Great Reset. At 8:30 I will be speaking with Nikki Mosley regarding the upcoming MEC Bikefest taking place on June 20th at Lebretton Flats. Finally at 7:30 we will be having a special give-away so tune in for that! As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for everyone else.

The World Cup kicked off in South Africa on Friday. Time for everyone’s latent pride in their ancestral homeland to emerge.

The latest in the on-going Afghan detainee affair: Apparently in 2006 General Rick Hillier ordered the a more diligent system of monitoring Afghan prisoners and was ignored.

Ottawa Police cracks down on cyclists riding on the sidewalk.

Shareholders of Canwest Global Media approve sale of newspapers to a group led by Paul Godfrey.

Moose # 2 is shot and killed by Ottawa Police.

With summer right around the corner it means its time for VIA Rail workers to threaten a strike.

Radio Topics for June 8th

Mike is back this week meaning you get twice the excitement this Tuesday with both hosts present and in studio. At 8:10 Adam will be speaking with Terri Sanderson of Westfest 2010 about the  festivities taking place this weekend in Westboro. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM here in Ottawa and at for everyone else.

Dubai has an indoor ski hill and now thanks to the G8/G20 Summits Toronto is about to have an indoor ‘fake lake.”

Talk of a coalition just won’t go away for The Liberals. Or maybe they should just join the NDP?

The words ‘Israeli Apartheid’ will not be appearing at Toronto’s Pride Festival anytime soon despite protests.

US Army Intelligence Officer behind Wikileaks infamous helicopter video is arrested by the US Army.

Residence of Kanata North vow to prevent further construction of subdivisions around The Beaver Pond nature reserve.

Tony Clement and James Moore defend the new Copyright Bill set to go before parliament.

Ontario Count of Appeals to rule on whether a witness can testify in court while wearing a niquab.

Ottawa’s defence spending this week: Fighter jets and ships.