Radio Topics for October 6th

Welcome to October! Celebrate the first Tuesday of the month by listening to Adam and Mike. At 8:10 Adam will be talking with James O’Grady from the “Lets Get it Right” Campaign which wants the city to reconsider the Lansdown Live proposal. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and online at for those not in the city.

A wild night out in Calgary winds up with one man being mauled by a tiger.

I get by with a little help from my friends, in Stephen Harper’s case that friend is Yoyo Ma.

No reason for police to pull you over? Under a proposed law random breathalizer tests would become legal.

Lansdowne Live continues to generate controversy.

Quality of Life in Ottawa: Good but high incidences of mental illness in young adults. Unless of course you are poor. Then its a different story.

Exceeding all egg-spectations, an Ottawa area hen lays a gigantic egg.

When selecting jurors for a trial of someone accused of breaking the law, the law probably shouldn’t be broken.

Alberta teacher fired because she became a he.

Roman Polanski is probably going to jail…in Switzerland.

Radio Topics for September 29th

Mike is off living his real life so I will be joined by Tuesday Morning Special Blend regular guest Simon Cameron. As well during the show I will be talking with a representative from the Museum Workers Union (Public Service Alliance of Canada) who are currently on strike from the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corp. which runs both the Museum of Civilization and The Canadian War Museum. As per usual we air from 7 to 9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for those who aren’t!

City Councillor at Large: Coming to Ottawa?

Ignatieff’s Quebec Lieutenant Denis Coderre resigns as he believes the Liberal party is now controlled by “advisers from Toronto.” However they are still going to propose a non-confidence motion anyway.

Ottawa Transit workers don’t want to give up the right to strike.

Bixi is successful in Montreal and now seems to be working in Ottawa.

Is Canadian Blood Services ban on blood donation for men who have had sex with men a violation of the Charter? Kyle Freeman says it is and he is taking his case to court to prove it.

Why liscencing cyclists is a bad idea.

Radio Topics for September 22nd

Happy Fall Equinox. Celebrate the official end of summer by listening to Adam and Mike. At 8:30 Mike will be speaking with Malkolm Boothroyd, a seventeen-year old rider who cycled all the way from Whitehorse to raise awareness about climate change in association with the Pedal for the Planet program. As always, we are on the air from 7-9 on 93.1FM in Ottawa, everywhere else.

Top American General in Afghanistan thinks that the NATO force will fail if they don’t receive even more troops.

Not all Quebec doctors think that they should “tolerate euthanasia in certain circumstances.”

Don’t plan on visiting the Canadian War Museum or the Canadian Museum of Civilization anytime soon. Their employees are on strike.

Carleton University suspends its women’s soccer team for alleged rookie hazing party.

When a bus picks a fight with a bicycle its the cyclist that (in this case tragically) loses.

In a combination of strange and insulting, Health Canada sends body bags to Manitoba native reserves as part of H1N1 Flu kits.
At least they now have a new communications strategy to deal with events like this.

Elizabeth May wins her nomination for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

Car free condo gets the go-ahead in Toronto.

Radio Topics for September 8th

Summer has come to an end for university students and campuses everywhere are flooded with wide-eyed frosh. Carleton is of course no different. So listen in to Adam and Mike as we may relive some of our favourite frosh week memories (but most likely will not). Catch us live on 93.1fm from 7 to 9am, or at for all the rest.

Election Watch ’09: Liberals unveil election ads

Allow kids to graffiti somewhere and they decide to graffiti everywhere.

The Federal Government really doesn’t want to get Omar Khadr back. So much so that they are willing to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Nortel’s piece by piece deconstruction continues as their Enterprise Unit is auctioned off.

The Michael Bryant saga continues into week two.

Canada’s hate speech laws violate the Charter says the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Samoa becomes the first country since 1970 to switch the side of the road it drives on!

Adam Interviews Tony Dekker of the Great Lake Swimmers

The new album, Lost Channels, by The Great Lake Swimmers was one of ten albums included on the short list for the 2009 version of the Polaris Music Prize. On June 19th they played a show in Ottawa at First Baptist Church located at the corner of Elgin and Laurier. Prior to the show I spoke with the lead singer and songwriter for the band, Tony Dekker. The interview can be found below. In the interview we talk about a cover version the band did of Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s song “Don’t Cry No Tears”. I have included videos of both songs below.

At the end of the interview I throw to the song “I will never see the sun” from the band’s self-titled debut album. Since this isn’t live radio you can hear the song by clicking here.

Radio Topics for June 30th

This will be my last show for two months as I am off to Kingston until September. For my last show Mike has graciously decided to go to Washington DC and let me handel duties on my own. That means we will be playing a lot more music on the show with a focus on albums that have been Long Listed for the Polaris Music Prize. As well at 7:30 I will be speaking with Rudyard Griffiths, a co-founder of The Dominion Institute and the author of the book Who We Are: A Citizen Manifesto.

As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM or for the internet listners.

Barrack Obama enters American culture wars by promising to eliminate the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy’ and the Defence of Marriage Act.

RIP: Nortel Networks

Tim Hudak is the new leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Does this mean Common Sense Revolution 2.0?

As we do every year at around this time, Canadians find out how little we know of our past.

Ottawa cyclists want Ottawa to be more like Montreal.

Radio Topics for June 23rd

Mike is off earning money to put food on his table so it will be just myself for the first hour with Tuesday Morning Blend regular Simon Cameron joining me for the second hour. Twice the sarcasm and (roughly) half the age. Its like Mike 2.0. At 7:30 I will be speaking with Tony Dekker of the Great Lake Swimmers whose new album Lost Channels has recently been long listed for the Polaris Music Prize.  As per usual we air from 7-9am Tuesday morning on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for those of you on the internet.

Toronto is about to become a whole lot smellier as 24 000 City of Toronto employees walked off the job, included all the garbage collectors.

Sarkozy becomes the first president in 150 years to address the French Parliament and promptly ruffels a few feathers..or burkas as the case may be.

Iran. Its a really big news story. BBC seems to have the best coverage.

Investing money in order to prevent raw sewage flowing into the Ottawa River. Sounds like a good idea.

Free Concerts during Bluesfest…and not just the noise bleed you can hear from the War Museum site.

Canadian Tech Giant Nortel is down for the count. Nokia moves in to scoop up wireless division.

Interview with Jenn Grant

On Friday, June 12th Jenn Grant played at Westfest. Prior to the show I spoke with her about her new album Echos and the process of writing and recording the follow up to her critically acclaimed album Orchestra for the Moon. If you missed her at Westfest you can catch Jenn at Bluesfest this year as well.

At the end of the interview I throw to the song “You’ll go far.” Since that doesn’t work when not listening to Mike and I live on Tuesday morning I have included a couple of videos of the song.

1) Jenn playing the song at Westfest that night.

2) A live version of the song at Verge Fm studios. The audio on this one is much better.

Radio Topics for June 16th

The countdown to my departure to Kingston for two months is on. Three weeks and counting. With Mike this being Mike’s last week before a two week break from radio, today’s show is the last chance to hear Mike and I together until September rolls around. Catch us while you can. This week I will be speaking with PEI singer/songwriter Jenn Grant at 7:30. As per usual we air on CKCU FM, 93.1 in Ottawa and for internet listeners.

Iran had an election last week and conservative hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected as president. Iranians are not happy.

Ignatieff and Harper to have a get together to see if either of them will do something to stop an election neither side says they want.

Mitel is angry at the City of Ottawa over their bid for the City’s telecom data network. Council says they will investigate.

English bands need not apply for Fete National celebrations in Montreal.

Let the debate begin. The Polaris Music Prize unveils its long list.

Ottawa decides on location for new public library

The Peter Hume Compromise: Allow Ottawa’s urban boundry to expand…but only by 220 hectares.

For the first time since 2005, the number of people applying to university went down

Radio Topics for June 2nd

Welcome to the first day of June. Hopefully June this year brings us something better than 22 days of rain. Regardless of the weather listen to Adam and Mike. At 7:30 Mike will be talking with economist Jeff Ruben about his book Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller. At 8:45 we will be talking with Kate Poirier regarding Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre. As always, we air from 7am to 9am tomorrow on 93.1fm in Ottawa; for everyone else.

Our Governor General ate a seal heart and has created quite a stir.

Ottawa City Council votes to allow suburban sprawl as the urban boundary grows.

New Poll puts the Liberals ahead with a showdown over EI coming in the next few days thanks to the NDP.

Amidst it all the Tories want to talk about sex offenders and how to best register them.

An update on the Ontario Tories leadership race: Mike Harris can’t resist having his opinions heard While Christine Elliot is dubbed the ‘modest’ candidate by the TorStar.

Simultaneously the strangest and the saddest news story of the week. An Air France plane disappears over the Atlantic Ocean.

In what was inevitable some said, GM files for bankruptcy protection with US courts.

Free Heroin! Only if you are one of 200 addicts selected to partake in a test program in Montreal and Vancouver