Radio Topics, March 13

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got an exciting show lined up, with a couple of fun surprises for the second hour. Tune in on CKCU at 7am!

Clayton Ruby wants Rob Ford to get tossed from office.

BC imposes settlement on teachers.

Dion on the NDP and sovereignty.

Cashless society putting pressure on Canada’s payment system

A downtown casino for Ottawa?

Today in Harm Reduction: Heroin better than Methodone?

Time to get out of the ‘stan earlier?

Ravens win for 8th time in a decade!

Radio Topics, March 6

Welcome to March! We’ve got a full show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll speak with Luxey Sirisegaram about Carleton’s upcoming production of the Vagina Monologues. At 8:25, we’ll speak with Cynthia Waldmeier of the Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre’s International Women’s Day Panel, also taking place at Carleton. At 8:35, we’ll talk with Erik Darwin, President of the Dalhousie Community Association about their open house for the Bayview-Carling CDP.

We’ll also touch on some of these:

Operators in the Transportation industry probably need more sleep.

Ottawa and Ontario Tourism Information Centres.

Domtar is ready to sell.

Ontario and Quebec complain about federal downloading.

Tories call on Liberals to release phone records. Won’t show theirs.

Feds won’t cut hockey ticket tax subsidy.

Kids born later in the year more likely to be treated for ADHD.

Tulip Festival moving.

Radio Topics, February 28th

Happy Tuesday!

We have a busy show lined up for this tuesday, so busy that we are adding an extra day to the month.

At 8am, we’ll speak with Brennan Richardson about Orpheus theatre’s upcoming production of rent.

At 8:30, we’ll speak with Maria DeRosa about Carleton’s campus community campaign.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

Single parents and recent immigrants are less likely to vote, says statscan.

…especially if you get a call to vote elsewhere.

OCtranspo boss gets canned.

Will cuts put us in recession?

But maybe we should just make the sales tax make sense.

Who’d a thought: “active” video games don’t make kids thin.

There are bars in the Westminster House of Commons. There are fights in them. It’s kind of funny.

Vikileaks update: Apparently it was a liberal. (But no one will mention the tory that took the fall for going rogue last week.)

Radio Topics, February 20th

Happy Tuesday, Family Day edition. Adam is back for the week, so tune in for some fine banter, puns, and discussion on some of the following:

It’s all Drummond, all week!

Climate scientists: coal is bad for the environment. The Globe has it’s take too!

The EU is raising a stink.

Santorum in the lead in GOP primary.

The ongoing hassles of dealing with the NCC.

BC takes a look at is justice system.

NDP leadership jockeying hits the home stretch.

Hey, it was C-30 week! There was a twitter feed! And threats to Vic Toews! And the VPD likes the law!

Couchsurfing goes wrong in Quebec.

Radio Topics, February 7th

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got an exciting show lined up. Tune in at 7:00 on CKCU!

At 8:05, I’ll speak with Gary Ludington of the Westboro Community Association about what’s going on in the neighbourhood, what’s coming up ahead, and all the details of their February 9th AGM.

At 8:30, we’ll hear a conversation I had with Prof. Hugh Campbell (University of Otago, NZ) and Prof. Bruce Muirhead (Waterloo) about food security and supply management in an international context.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

Schwartz’s? Sold? Maybe Franchises? What strange villainy is this?

Throwdown in Hogtown over crosstown rail.

Much ado about takeovers.

The big Lansdowne reveal is this morning!

Radio Topics, January 31

Good morning all, and welcome to the end of January!

This week, at 8:05 we’ll speak with Simon Cameron, one of the Carleton students that won the North American Debating Championships this past weekend in Toronto. At 8:30, we’ll speak with Alex Culley from the city of Ottawa about the Bruce Timmerman’s awards, which reward individuals and organizations for doing great things for cycling.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

It was the all star weekend!

All are guilty in the Shafia case.

Is there really a problem with OAS?

Cuts coming.

Ford has a coming rebellion.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy: Duceppe gets tagged with misspending House dollars.

Canada gets upset with the French running elections in Canada

Radio Topics, January 24

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got an exciting show lined up today: At 8:05, we’ll have folks in from Sock n’ Buskins new play Yerma, which debuts this week. At 8:45, we’ll speak with Greg from the Flats about their upcoming show at the Elmdale Tavern.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Fords hand-picked TTC chair not a fan of the all-underground Eglinton LRT.

Bieber tweet pays off: Ottawa women’s Organ Donation awareness campaign works

Conservative crime bill to cost provinces $1 billion

The great Ottawa single-men myth is false?

DND axes plans to buy stress balls; reason for purchase unclear

Helmets for tobogganing?

East Vancouver movie theatre gets liquor license, loses right to show movies.

Radio Topics, January 17

Happy New Year! Well, belated, I suppose. I’m back after several weeks, and am ready to kick off 2012 with an exciting show. Tune in at 93.1 FM in Ottawa tomorrow at 7am!

At 8:05, I’ll speak with Alex De Vries of Citizens for Safe Cycling about winter cycling and their upcoming Winter Bike Parade. At 8:30, we’ll chat with Nelson Edwards of the City of Ottawa, who is coordinating the Downtown Moves project, which has a public open house Wednesday night.

The Liberal Party had a convention!

Does Ottawa need a permanent movie studio?

Foreign influence in Canada ENGOs

The Ford brothers commit to a very public resolution to trim the fat.

Ontario to renegotiate with doctors

Releasing gender too early leads to female feticide?

Radio topics, December 13

Happy Tuesday! CKCU is on the air, and I’ve got an exciting show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll be speaking with Jane Hilderman from Samara about their new report, The Real Outsiders. At 8:30, we’ll chat with Geoff Green of Students on Ice about their upcoming Antarctic trip.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Canada drops out of Kyoto.

A ban on veils a citizenship ceremonies?

ADQ and CAQ merge in Quebec

Liberals ask GG to put aside responsible government.

Federal government shelves sodium reduction plan

Radio Topics, December 6th

Happy Tuesday! December has arrived, and we are into the final few shows of the year. Tune in to CKCU from 7-9 as we wind down the year.

You may have missed it, but IKEA had built a new store in Ottawa. It sits next to the Queensway near pinecrest, mostly out of sight. I got to go take a look last night; at 8:05 we’ll be joined by Lisa Turriff who was there to experience it as well.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Plasco has a deal. And more!

Ontario has the priciest auto insurance.

And more!

NDP PMB calls for standardized cellphone chargers, Industry responds by committing to it months ago.

Canada pulls out of Kyoto.

Rob Ford’s Toronto Star Boycott.

Attawapiskat sends 3rd party managers packing.