Radio Topics, November 29

It’s the end of November! We’ve got an exciting show lined up.

At 8:05, we’ll hear from the executive director of the Canadian Museums Association. They’ll be in Ottawa this week to talk about the state of museums in Canada.
We’ll also touch on some of the following:

A lobbyist registry for city hall?

How good is the city with conflicts of interest?

Ottawa/Alberta caught off guard by EU oil regs.

Beau’s brings the fight (but not the beer) to the premier’s door.

Friends of Lansdowne in court again

Make the National Gallery free (again)

Wheat Board is toast.

Polygamy upheld in BC court reference.

Radio Topics, November 22

What a show we have lined up for you this week! At 8:05, we’ll chat with some of the folks behind This Is Our Youth, a new show from Sock ‘n’ Buskins that premiers next week. We’ll even have an in-studio performance. At 8:30, we’ll hear a from Bill Blaikie, former MP and NDP stalwart, about his new book The Blaikie Report, which looks at the intersection of faith and politics.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Rob Ford loses his effort to cap curbside recycling.

Occupy Ottawa gets the boot. And elsewhere too!

Canadians willing to pay tolls for roads.

Prime Minister’s jet to get new paint job?

Radio topics, November 15th

Hi all,

Happy Tuesday! At 8:05 we’ll hear a conversation I had with Don Ferguson about his new book on the history of the Royal Canadian Air Farce. We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Ethical oils fails?

BC redoes family law.

Condo window bust in toronto?

Cycling safety and Trucks.

OC Transpo fires foul-mouthed driver.

NDP begins the minority parliament game.

Bank reopens!

UK looks to Canada to deal with separation movements.

Canada on the sidelines of new trade pact.

Radio Topics, Day of the Dead edition

Happy Day of the Dead!

  1. We’ve got an exciting show lined up. At 8:05, we’ll speak with Citizens for Safe Cycling VP Alex DeVries about their upcoming AGM. A 8:30, well speak with one of the organizers for Rock and Roll speed dating. Also, funding drive. So do listen and dial in often.

We’ll also hit some of these:

Capital infocentre to close.

Vancouver makes arrests from Canucks riioters.

Tories love the queen so much they are ordering flowers.

Also not afraid to burn money.

Happy Tuesday! It’s funding drive!

Hi all! We’ve got an exciting show lined up today. The main focus, though, will be for funding drive. For 2 weeks a year, CKCU passes the hat to keep the station running. This year, our target for the station is $111,000, with this show looking to raise $1000. We’ll talk about where that money goes, but in the meantime if you want to donate to the station, you can do so online right here. Remember to mark “Tuesday Special Blend” as your show of choice.

But we won’t just be playing PBS. In the first hour, we’ll have folks from Sock n’ Buskins doing part of the Scottish Play, which opens at Carleton tomorrow. We’ll also hear a conversation I had with Randy Bachman, another noted radio enthusiast, about his new book Vinyl Tap.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Controversy in Toronto over the prospect of a shark fin soup ban.

Cycling safety! Ontario Coroner to investigate cycling deaths; Construction starts on Wellington lanes.

Trouble brewing in South Keys.

The US’ free trade deal with Korea makes it more expensive for Canadians to take trips to the US.

Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a good long weekend and is getting over respective tryptophan comas. Here’s what we’ll be talking about tomorrow:

Election reasons rolls on:

Incumbency, FTW in Ottawa.

Newfoundland and Saskatchewan elections end and begin.

It costs a million dollars to not use the old US embassy.

Ottawa unemployment on the rise.

Expect a long cold winter.

Good news: food banks sees heavy donations leading up to thanksgiving.

E-health on the way, slowly, and with a bad name.

Farms for quarries: the cost of a building boom?

Proposed windfarm may interfere with bird sanctuary migration route.

DND cuts begin.

Cities reach funding breaking point.

Air Canada flight attendants have another strike date, Feds say its unacceptable.

A eulogy for a tree in Vancouver Island.

A binational great lakes strategy?

Radio Topics, October 4th

Happy Tuesday all!

At 8:05, we’ll be joined by CCCA president Jordan Charbonneau to discuss what’s going on in Centretown, as well as their upcoming AGM.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

The final provincial election discussion for 4 years! Maybe!

Anil Naidoo gets Desmond Tutu endorsement.

Paul Dewar enters the NDP Leadership race. So does Nathan Cullen.

The NDP states the obvious: backbench MPs move government agenda by stealth

Dead, Canadian, Nobel, Both, or Neither

US Port decides to compete with more advanced BC port by adding taxes.

Iphone 5 day?

A Gladstone O-train stop?

Unions seed social media with comments that pro-coal, pro-nuclear.

Radio Topics, September 27th

Hello! I’m back in the host’s seat after a couple of weeks away. We’ve got an exciting show as always. At 8, I’ll speak with Wayne Smith from Fair Vote to talk about the provincial election. It’s new music Tuesday, so we’ll break out new songs from Dan Mangan and Elliott Brood.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

PEI election gets a little less sleepy with bribery allegations.

Ontario election:

Liberal ridings do well in Ontario Development fund.

Ontario debt sparks trouble ahead.

With two weeks left, people are about to start caring about the provincial election. For sure.

Other news:

Expert panel goes after energy drinks.

University not a sure ticket to career success.

Seal cull proposal causes controversy.

Margaret, meet Doug. Doug, this is what Margaret looks like.

Radio Topics, September 6th

Welcome to September! Adam is back west, the nights are beginning to get cold, and frosh have returned to Carleton. Tune in at 7am to see me kick off my 10th year at CKCU.

In other tenniversary, we mark 10 years since the World Trade Centre attacks.

The provincial election is kicking off, and the Liberals have launched their platform. It’s got tuition cuts and all day go trains.

Other provinces are also doing the election thing: Manitoba, PEI, but not BC.

Bigfoot exists, and this guy has proof.

Another tragedy befalls a former NHL enforcer.

Tories call on Elections Canada to investigate NDP. Separatist asks human rights tribunals to investigate Harper’s comms director.

Radio Topics, August 16th

Welcome to the middle of August! Adam has found a good deal to go to Quebec City for a few days, so I’ll be flying solo. Tune in nonetheless, as I have an exciting show lined up.

At 8:05, I’ll be speaking with Patrick Gordon of Patrick Gordon Framing. We’ll be discussing his gallery’s current exhibition of works in the private collection of John Irving.

We’ll also talk about some of the following:

Ontario Liberals promise service guarantees.

AND it looks like we’ll have an interesting provincial election afterall!

Ontario Heritage Trust willing to deal on Aberdeen Pavillion.

Wind turbines too loud?

Government announces that the navy will be officially known as the Royal Canadian Navy again.

Small town Quebec Mayor does something very small town.

All sorts of fun stuff happened at the CBA conference.

Lowertown Condo development approved.

The NDP get their answer to the Manning Centre.

One of the richest guys alive is tired of being coddled.