Funding Afghanistan

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve got podcasts in the queue (some of which are relevant again, but rather old), and will put them up ASAP.

BUT, in light of the election, I’d be remiss to post this bit of a report on the cost to Afghanistan:

Mr. Perry’s study also determined the Liberal government had provided extra funding to the Defence Department to cover 85 per cent of the Afghan war costs.

The Conservative government, however, is funding only 29 per cent of the cost to the Defence Department for the war, according to the study, with the remaining money coming out of DND’s existing budget.

This shouldn’t be taken as a partisan jab (really!): there is no reason to assume that the Liberals wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing and downloaded the cost of the conflict directly to DND’s existing budget, though it doesn’t alter the fact that it is a bad idea. What it is is a reminder that Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan presents a trade off for Canada’s international activities, both current and future. It might be that it’s worth it, but that’s not a debate that has really been had.