Andrew Nikiforuk on Wiebo Ludwig and sour gas activism

This morning, Josh spoke with Andrew Nikiforuk on Wiebo Ludwig’s recent arrest and release in relation to a series of pipeline bombings in BC. Josh has a pretty good outline of the situation, and I suspect that we are going to hear more about this now that the search warrant is complete, but Nikiforuk makes a really neat comparison between this sort of situation and a divide between urban and rural Canada. Essentially, urban folk take for granted where our energy comes from, despite its extraction often having a pretty terrible effect on some rural communities way of life- effect’s that we would not brook ourselves.

Now, after the show Josh and I kicked ourselves for not leading out with Corb Lund’s “This is my prairie”, which more or less exactly mirrors the sort of sentiments that Nikiforuk talks about (and that have surrounded Ludwig for the last decade or more.) So, to make up for it, here it is on some other radio show on some other station, who happen to have video cameras rolling for making radio. Crazy.