CUSA election results

For my dozen or so readers, the CUSA election results are available here. The Charlatan, for some reason, does not seem to have posted them as of 12:40am, so I guess they got scooped. I’m sure my dozen-or-so readers will feel pleased they checked here first.

It looks like a full sweep by the “establishment” candidates, headed by President-elect Brittany Smyth. The “not-establishment” candidates (as they were not actually on a slate) all ended up in a distant second. My friend Garnett was the Finance candidate on that team: I don’t get a vote, so didn’t, but he would have had mine.

Carleton Students also voted 4:1 in favour of CUSA/University funded sexual assault centre, presumably because they like paying to duplicate services already offered by other parts of the University. The wording of the question was also pretty loaded:

Would you support a student-run CUSA and university funded sexual assault support centre, which would provide counseling and work towards ending sexual assault in the Carleton community?

Who doesn’t want to work towards ending sexual assault in the Carleton Community? How the question got through as it is beyond me, but given that the measure seemed to be supported by most executive candidates, I doubt that there was a lot of dispute on the matter at committee.

The CUSA Presidential Candidates Speak

Today, Adam and I spoke with CUSA Presidential candidates Brittany Smyth and Andrew Monkhouse. A third Candidate, Helen Choi, was invited but could not attend. For more information on everyone, the Charlatan is best.

Voting is Wednesday and Thursday, so if you are a CUSA member, do get out and vote. I’ll post the results up here when they become available on Friday night, and perhaps will include some of my own thoughts on the matter as well.