Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a good long weekend and is getting over respective tryptophan comas. Here’s what we’ll be talking about tomorrow:

Election reasons rolls on:

Incumbency, FTW in Ottawa.

Newfoundland and Saskatchewan elections end and begin.

It costs a million dollars to not use the old US embassy.

Ottawa unemployment on the rise.

Expect a long cold winter.

Good news: food banks sees heavy donations leading up to thanksgiving.

E-health on the way, slowly, and with a bad name.

Farms for quarries: the cost of a building boom?

Proposed windfarm may interfere with bird sanctuary migration route.

DND cuts begin.

Cities reach funding breaking point.

Air Canada flight attendants have another strike date, Feds say its unacceptable.

A eulogy for a tree in Vancouver Island.

A binational great lakes strategy?

Radio Topics, October 4th

Happy Tuesday all!

At 8:05, we’ll be joined by CCCA president Jordan Charbonneau to discuss what’s going on in Centretown, as well as their upcoming AGM.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

The final provincial election discussion for 4 years! Maybe!

Anil Naidoo gets Desmond Tutu endorsement.

Paul Dewar enters the NDP Leadership race. So does Nathan Cullen.

The NDP states the obvious: backbench MPs move government agenda by stealth

Dead, Canadian, Nobel, Both, or Neither

US Port decides to compete with more advanced BC port by adding taxes.

Iphone 5 day?

A Gladstone O-train stop?

Unions seed social media with comments that pro-coal, pro-nuclear.

Radio Topics, September 6th

Welcome to September! Adam is back west, the nights are beginning to get cold, and frosh have returned to Carleton. Tune in at 7am to see me kick off my 10th year at CKCU.

In other tenniversary, we mark 10 years since the World Trade Centre attacks.

The provincial election is kicking off, and the Liberals have launched their platform. It’s got tuition cuts and all day go trains.

Other provinces are also doing the election thing: Manitoba, PEI, but not BC.

Bigfoot exists, and this guy has proof.

Another tragedy befalls a former NHL enforcer.

Tories call on Elections Canada to investigate NDP. Separatist asks human rights tribunals to investigate Harper’s comms director.

Radio Topics for August 23rd

August is winding down. This is Adam’s second last show before he heads back to Vancouver for the school year. We have an exciting show lined up for our listeners with our usual mix of current affairs, news and community listings. As Ottawa Folk Fest is coming up this weekend we will be previewing some of the acts who will be performing there this year. As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and www.ckcufm.com for everyone else.

RIP Jack Layton

It’s the Royal Canadian Air Force again… At least they will be saving $1 billion a year.

Elections Canada to look at online voting. Maybe this will help with the fact that Federal and Provincial elections will happen at exactly the same time?

The end game for Libya begins. Now who gets all that oil that’s under the ground?

Canadian Bar Association is not a fan of the Torie’s tough on crime legislation. This includes plans to quadruple pardon fees. A plan 99% of people consulted said was a bad idea.

Ottawa Citizen series on making Ottawa a great city sparks discussion.

Tony Clement probably just wishes that the whole G8 thing would just go away.

Provincial NDP offers funds for transit fares freeze.

Radio Topics, July 19

Happy Tuesday! Adam is off to Toronto, where he will try not to fall a sleep while working in the United Church archives. I’m here, though, so tune into CKCU to listen to the show.

Spacing Magazine brings its summer roadshow to Ottawa tomorrow evening at the NAC. We’ll speak with Spacing Ottawa editor Evan Thornton at 8:05 about the event and the brand new issue.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Bikes vs. Jet plane across LA. Guess who wins?

Divorcing couples to be forced to try something other than the courts.

Uncle Walt muses about the usefulness of troops on the ground in Libya.

Norway may want its wrecked ship back.

Tough on crime bill to get really tough on youths.

Toronto begins voluntary staff buyouts.

Time to get serious about electricity.

Radio Topics, July 5th

Happy July! I hope that everyone had a great long weekend- join Adam and I as we prepare for the marathon that is Bluesfest. We’ll talk about some of the following- so tune in from 7-9 on CKCU!

The Royals were in town! They did things! They are very polite! They went shopping!

Google Plus: It’s a thing.

Oxford Comma? No longer a thing.

Ottawa sells AECL for peanuts, agrees to give buyer a jar of cashews.

And you though Ottawa’s city government was bad: Halifax almost blows a Metallica concert.

Douchebag Toronto Councillor vows to cut pride parade funding.

Canada and Russia to hold military show of force exercises in the North. Best get out your tape measures!

Radio Topics, June 21

Happy Summer! June is coming to an end but the Tuesday Morning Special Blend continues on. At 8:10 I’ll be speaking with a member of the Friends of Lansdowne group for an update regarding the legal challenges surrounding the Lansdowne Live proposal. We will also be playing music from artists who will be playing at the Ottawa Jazzfest and Ottawa Bluesfest. As per usual we Tuesday morning from 7-9am on CKCU 93.1 FM for those in Ottawa and online atwww.ckcufm.com for everyone else.

Gay girl in Damascus…nope! 40 year old man in Georgia.

Can’t get an agreement to reform the Senate? Then abolish it!

Postal workers to be forced back to work by the House of Commons.

Vancouver loses the Stanley Cup Final and the populace trash the city.

NDP Convention occurred over the weekend. To nobody’s surprise Jack Layton got a 98% approval rating.

New Brunswick farmer held in a Lebanon prison for the past three months for selling ‘bad potatoes’ is being neglected by the Canadian government.

Fashionistas and Fly-Fishers, the common link? Rooster feathers!

Professional soccer coming to Ottawa in the form of an NASL expansion franchise.

Radio Topics, April 26th

Happy Tuesday! I leave for a week, and the NDP begin to out-poll the Liberals. Up is down. Dogs are hanging out with cats. You get the drill. We’ll touch on the election in a couple of different ways (see the links below), but will also have three great interviews.

At 7:30, we’ll hear a conversation I had with Timothy Appleby, the author of A New Kind of Monster, which looks at the life and crimes of Russell Williams.

At 8:00, we’ll speak with Michel Vallee, Vice-Chair of the King Edward Taskforce on their efforts to see King Edward go on a road diet.

At 8:30, we’ll speak with Andy Lamey on his new book Frontier Justice.

We’ll also touch on some of the following:

Trouble in paradise: Clegg lashes out at David Cameron on AV referendum.

Work on the bike lane starts.

Liberals hit the panic button and play to health care fears. And they go after Jack!

The Iggy informercial.

Elections Canada investigates prank political calls.

Preston BIA opposes SOHO Italia

Radio Topics, January 11

Happy Birthday to Sir John A. Macdonald! He turned 196 yesterday, which would be more impressive had he not died almost 120 years ago.

This week, we will spend much of the second hour discussing the proposed segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue. At 8:05, I’ll speak with Eric Wright, co-founder of the Responsible Cycling Coalition. At 8:30, we’ll chat with Colin Simpson, who is the city planner heading the project.

I’ll also touch on some of the following:

The last nail in the coffin of the Wakefield MMR study.

Saskatchewan’s proposed marriage commissioner opt-out law is unconstitutional.

Changes coming to your garbage collection?

Radio Topics, December 21

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that everyone has a chance to take a look at the eclipse tonight- it’ll be the last in North America for a while, and it’ll have been the first time in several centuries that we get to pretend it’s interesting that it happens to also be the solstice. So, stay up late and watch the moon disappear, then get up early and listen to Adam and I on CKCU at 7am- 93.1FM for those in Ottawa, www.ckcufm.com for those elsewhere.

This week I’ll be holding up my end of the funding drive bargain and running up Dunton Tower. The Tuesday Blend raised about $700, so that’s 14 flights of stairs. I’ll be doing that just after the BBC news at 8:00 AM. There’s a better-than-even chance my heart will have exploded by 8:06.

We’ll also talk about some of the following, while playing non-awful Christmas music and Captain Beefheart tracks.

Craigslist pulls prostitution ads; actual newspapers still have them.

Study: Female squirrels aren’t promiscuous because of evolution, they’re promiscuous because they are sluts.

Bell gets big fine for DNC violations.

Harper gets his majority. Just not where he probably hoped.

Good sense prevails: Hockey coach suspension lifted.

Pooled Pension plans?

How much for a polar bear?

Sharks: an endangered species?

Don’t ask don’t tell repealed.