One Quick Hockey Post

OttawaStart points to a snippy conversation about the 6th round pick we’ll never have. Now, I like that trade fine, but would be remiss to point out previous success with 6th round picks that Ottawa has had. Some 6th rounders even have slap shots so hard they’ll send you back to junior.
Oh yeah, and John Paddock got fired: too bad for him, but let’s hope that things aren’t so messed up that they can’t be fixed.

Coming tonight (or maybe tomorrow): My interview with Erna Paris in all its podcasty glory, and a response to what will eventually be Transit Plan 11 (details here, though I will still be disagreeable on the prospect of a tunnel.) For what it’s worth, I hear that the city is letting the guy responsible for Cloverfield “reboot” the plan. Hopefully, unlike Lost, the train will go somewhere.