LAC’s Searchable UFO Sighting Database

(Photo from flickr user virginiawerewolves, licenced  CC-BY-NC)

I usually bypass the Library and Archives Canada home page, using their handy google toolbar search plugin, but today I opted to do it the old fashioned, web 1.0 way.

And boy, am I glad that I did, because I discovered that LAC has set up a searchable UFO sighting database, drawing on relevant materials from DND, Transport Canada, NRC, and the RCMP. This adds to the existing databases of cabinet conclusions, and of Mackenzie-King’s diaries. Now if only I could search all three for King talking in cabinet about how he saw UFOs while writing in his diary.

In seriousness, this seems pretty neat. I couldn’t get the search to work tonight, but will have to come back to it later in the week. This might be a firefox quirk, but it could also be the usual demon’s of their website, which is notorious for sporadically deciding to not work. Sadly, I am not interested in UFO sightings beyond a geeky curiosity; for actual research I still have to figure out a way of making it to the building for the 11 minutes a day that it is actually open.