Thursday Morning Frustrations

Four quick hits of frustration on a Thursday morning:

1) David Reevely asks what happens to transit plan #1137. Now, what David doesn’t know is that there never actually was transit plan #1137, nor was there 1-1136. The current incarnation is the best for Ottawa, and is the result of laborious study on the part of city council. I mean, it would be crazy to toss out a perfectly fine plan and risk having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, all while driving the cost of the inevitable light rail project up, wouldn’t it? Perhaps if we keep assuring ourselves, it will be true.

2) Friends of the O-Train points to Transport Canada’s summarry of the O-train pilot project. On time? Inexpensive? Crazy!

3) Strings attached to a Conservative pork barrel promise? Never. I’m not necessarily opposed to a bridge, but it is a bit rich to see how the federal tories “remain committed” to transit funding in Ottawa. But while John Baird threw a wrench into the original plan,  it remains that Council didn’t have the good sense to  re-approve it, nor have they had the subsequent good sense to act on money that  was available to us.  Eventually, other levels of government will decide to spend money earmarked for us, and its nobodies fault but our own when it happens.

4) No Tax Increase. No cuts to libraries or transit. Which is it? (PDF). I swear that the mayor has two speech writers, one who he talks about services with, the other who he talks about taxes with, and never the two shall meet. The surprising thing is that he could get 17 councillors to stand behind him as he further erodes any credibility that he means what he says, but perhaps people just like to see a train wreck. I want to know which 6 weren’t there and why as, at the end of the day, that is a much more interesting question.