Jon Bartlett on the Annual Kelp Weekend

Yesterday, I chatted with Jon Bartlett of Kelp Records about the annual Kelp weekend/anniversary bash, which kicks off tomorrow with Jim Bryson and Chris Page at the Mayfair. You can catch all the details over at the Kelp website.

As always, there’s a good mix of events at a bunch of awesome spots to see music: I’m regretting once again missing out on pulled pork at the Carleton. Be sure to also check out the free Kelp sampler, which has a fun mix of Kelp artists, friends, and so forth. Plus, free is free.

Jon Bartlett on 15 Years of Kelp Records

On Tuesday, I spoke with Jon Bartlett about Kelp Records 15th anniversary, how the industry has changed since 1994, and this weekends anniversary (kelpiversary?) celebrations. 

Jon’s got a pretty good set of shows lined up this weekend- things kicked off last night at the Mayfair with Jim Bryson and the Acorn, but keeps going today at the WIP Gallery and the Elmdale. Tomorrow, there is a lunchhour show at the Carleton Tavern and an evening show at the Glue Pot Pub. I missed out on getting a bracelet, but will be at the Elmdale tonight.

Not able to make the shows? Boo. You can download the Kelp15 compilation here for free.