The latest tory ads

I don’t usually like to talk about horserace politics on the blog, but wanted to give some quick thoughts on the new ads, as shown on Stephen Taylor’s website:

1) I think that it is fair to say that this ad looks terrible, but the M.O. for the off-period attack ads so far has seemed to be “powerpoint chic.”

2) Does anyone else notice the pronunciation of Dion’s name? The emphasis in “St├ęphane” seems almost purposefully wrong, as if to point out that it is french and, you know, not English. We’ll see if that keeps up. The soundbyte also feels out of place.

3) All the war-chest in the world can’t buy a better picture for the anti-dion messaging than the one used here (and everywhere else, it seems) then they have now, even if it is getting more than a little tired. I happen to think that the Liberals should respond in kind.

4) Perhaps we see the emergence of the new tory ad strategy: “Dion: Not a Leader. Not worth the risk“. Bolding mine. Now, 30 second ads aren’t the time to talk about nuance (hence why they talk about how Dion needs to increase taxes to pay for his spending, not that any Liberal increase to the GST would go to cutting income taxes), but it seems that we are already starting to see the fear-mongering campaign that the comfortable ambivalence of the public with a Conservative Minority might be fucked up if we have the temerity to vote a Liberal in. If I have time (which I won’t), I’ll go back to try to draw some comparisons with the messaging here and with the Mike Harris’ second Provincial election.