Down goes the Duke

So, as it looks more and more like the Duke of Somorset is going to have to come down (though the story gets more and more interesting), I thought I’d take a second to post the following, a mural on the east side of the building.

I’m actually not so concerned about the loss of the building- it’s nice enough, but I really don’t think that it intrinsically adds much to the street , and something new would be a good opportunity to add to the street and neighbourhood. But I will miss the mural which, as it is on the side that is least stable, is almost certain to disappear, and with it make the street a little less interesting.

In other news: I wish that I had heard about the merchants protest earlier, as I totally would have gone to see what is what, though the idea of a business protest seems on the surface kind of counter-intuitive.

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