Radio Topics, November 6

We are back to the usual radio show format, what with topics and all. Thanks again to all those that donated and contributed to another successful funding drive. This show raised something just shy of $700, and the station total was 112,000, more than the goal. Forgot to donate? You can still do so at; be sure to list “Tuesday Special blend” as your show of choice. As always, we air from 7am-9am on 93.1fm in Ottawa, the aforementioned website for everyone else.

The one piece of funding drive that we have to complete is my run up Dunton Tower (left). As promised, I’ll run up one floor for every $50 dollars we raised. Just under 700 translates to 13 floors, but I’ll let you guys keep the change and go to 14. Hopefully I won’t die, because I forgot how tall it actually looks. That’ll start at 7:30.

The Saskatchewan election is now about a week away, and the Sask Party lead is sufficiently large that you can’t see the end of it over the horizon, even in the Prairies. Adam Radwanski ponders why people want to do away with what seems to be a good thing.

The NCC to open board meetings! Mills also muses about selling part of the Greenbelt. Sacred cows do make the best hamburger.

Canada will stick up for you, until you are sentenced to death. In some countries. Maybe.

You have the right to remain silent, not the right to silence.

Late, but good: Mayor ignores city managers warnings of service cuts even with a tax increase.

Low income units at Lebreton flats threatened by lack of transit plan.

Campus bar’s license revoked. Not for why you’d think.

OC Transpo to fine smokers near bus stops, even if outside.

Google entering phone market.

Radio Topics, Oct 30th

Happy almost Hallowe’en!

Much like last week, this show will focus on funding drive, though we will have an interview with Janice Stein and Eugene Lang on The Unexpected War, which is absolutely a must read for anyone interested in Canada’s role in Afghanistan or how sausage is made government works.

Thanks to all those that donated last week. Our final funding drive show is tomorrow, so if you are interested in contributing, please be sure to do so. As a bonus for donating, tune in next week- I will run up a floor’s worth of stairs in Dunton Tower for every $50 dollars donated. We had Padraic do it last year, and we realized that having a reasonably fit former cross-country athlete run upstairs isn’t very good radio, whereas getting my easily-winded self to do it is much more fun. So donate, and then tune in to hear me suffer! (I recognize that non-donors will get to free-ride, but donors will get the satisfaction of making me hurt more). You can here what Padraic sounded like last year here.
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Radio Topics, Oct 9

As always, we go to air from 7am to 9am Tuesday morning on CKCUfm. 93.1fm in Ottawa, online for those that aren’t.

A heads up: October 19th marks the beginning of CKCU’s annual funding drive. You’ll be hearing more about it on air and in this space in the coming weeks, and if you’ve donated in the past you’ve already probably gotten a letter in the mail. In any case, in a little over two weeks, the station raises 1/3 of its operating budget. If you enjoy my show, or any show for that matter, please support the cause. You can donate securely online, just be sure to list “Tuesday Morning Special blend” as your show of choice.

Tuesday on the show: at 8:10 we’ll be joined by Stuart Ryan, Communist Party of Canada Candidate for Ottawa Centre in Wednesday’s provincial election. At 8:30, we’ll have an interview with William Marsden about his new book, Stupid to the Last Drop.

With the election a day away, we’re bound to get into a little bit of armchair speculation, but we assure you not enough to be any more boring than the campaign itself.

A community grocery story in Centretown west?

Former head of Canadian Space Agency says Canada needs a national space policy. Your dog wants steak.

Public funding for private clinics?

250% rent hike in saskatoon?

While it is not illegal to talk to a prostitute, the police sure want to make your life inconvenient for doing so.

Insite gets a 6 month reprieve. Harper promises American-style war on drugs, as it went so well there.

Ottawa threatens homeless man with fines for collecting people’s bottles.

Radio Topics, October 2

Same Mike and Adam time, same Mike and Adam station. Mike and Adam time, for those not in the know, is 7am to 9am Tuesday morning, 93.1fm in Ottawa.
At 8:30, we’ll be joined by Anna Porter, author of Kasztner’s Train: The True Story of an Unknown Hero of the Holocaust. Leadership Matters: That’s why John Tory is running from the only promise anyone has heard in this election.

Fiscal update: Liberals once again overtax and suprise us with hidden budget surplus. Wait, they aren’t in power? Shit.

Oil patch CEO’s back absolute emissions reductions

Statscan: Exports represented nearly half of the industrial emissions of greenhouse gases in Canada in 2002, the largest single share of emissions from a demand perspective, according to a new study.

Radiohead to release new album online. Pay-what-you-can. Seriously.

Ottawa Space: We’ve been talking a lot lately about space on the show, mostly about Landsdowne Park (for more details on the latest proposals, see here and here), but this week we’ll talk a little about Wellington St., with the PMO’s apparent plans to build a fortress Harper in the almost National Portrait Gallery former American Embassy. Details here, Kelly Egan’s take, which I couldn’t have written better myself, here.

Radio Topics for September 18th

As usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm from 7 to 9:30am. For those outside of Ottawa you can listen live on the web at the CKCU website.

We will be having two interviews on the show. At 8:15 we will be speaking with Wallace Beaton, who is on the steering commitee for the Westboro Community Association. We will be discussing the results of the Westborough Community Association AGM. Then at 8:35 we will be talking with Don Stewart from the Federation of Citizen’s Association regarding their Property Tax Working Group Report.

By-election fun in Quebec!

The Danish cartoons row: Swedish style!

Police still need a warrant to access internet user data.

Conservatives are bringing the sponsorship program back.

The X-Prize version two: Put a robot on the moon for 20 million.

Nova Scotia to outlaw strikes by heath care workers in the province.

Ottawa City vehicles to have “Support our Troops” decals on them.

Michael Byers on Intent for a Nation

I had the chance to speak with Michael Byers, professor of International Politics at the University of British Columbia and author of Intent For A Nation to day about his new book. I plan on writing a proper review later, but should point out that the subtitle “A relentlessly optimistic manifesto for Canada’s role in the world” is very apt: at times, the book almost feels like it could be titled “Things Lloyd Axeworthy might be doing if he was Prime Minister and not President of the University of Winnepeg.” I’m cool with that, as even if I hold a much more cynical view of things, its nice to know that someone can make a passioned, hopeful case that we can do more than trade against perceived past glories as we fiddle about as a nation.
Note: If you experience problems with an embedded player, such as accelerated voices, download the file or subscribe through iTunes.

Radio Topics, May 8th

Below is are the links to what we talked about today. Sadly, as always seems to happen, the really juicy stories always happen after we got off air, so the discussion on Boisclair vs. Duceppe is now a bit dated. Similarly, I really I had taped my musings that eventually being on the wrong side of popular issues will start to bite the Tories in the ass, as it seems that their support is falling in Quebec and Ontario. Now if only the Liberals could do something with the ball….

I will actually upload the Andrea Mandel-Campbell interview tonight- my thumbstick with the file had gone AWOL, but has now returned. Anyway, topics, as promised:
Clean air for everyone in Canada…except those living near the oil sands.

The Jets are coming back if Manitoba Tories have their way.

France elects a right wing president who wins the working class and female vote despite his opponent being both a female and a socialist.

In order to keep his job Andre Boisclair decides to attack Duceppe.

Suburban intensification development in Stitsville draws anger of neighbours.

Political consequences for the Tories regarding their support for the Afghanistan mission…
And the abuse of prisoners, which the Tories appear to be confused about.

Global warming, Tourism and Germany

Another Canadian company to be bought… This time its Alcan.

The Senators are the energizer bunny, they keep going and going. Two series down, two to go.