Radio Topics for September 18th

As usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm from 7 to 9:30am. For those outside of Ottawa you can listen live on the web at the CKCU website.

We will be having two interviews on the show. At 8:15 we will be speaking with Wallace Beaton, who is on the steering commitee for the Westboro Community Association. We will be discussing the results of the Westborough Community Association AGM. Then at 8:35 we will be talking with Don Stewart from the Federation of Citizen’s Association regarding their Property Tax Working Group Report.

By-election fun in Quebec!

The Danish cartoons row: Swedish style!

Police still need a warrant to access internet user data.

Conservatives are bringing the sponsorship program back.

The X-Prize version two: Put a robot on the moon for 20 million.

Nova Scotia to outlaw strikes by heath care workers in the province.

Ottawa City vehicles to have “Support our Troops” decals on them.

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