Radio Topics, October 2

Same Mike and Adam time, same Mike and Adam station. Mike and Adam time, for those not in the know, is 7am to 9am Tuesday morning, 93.1fm in Ottawa.
At 8:30, we’ll be joined by Anna Porter, author of Kasztner’s Train: The True Story of an Unknown Hero of the Holocaust. Leadership Matters: That’s why John Tory is running from the only promise anyone has heard in this election.

Fiscal update: Liberals once again overtax and suprise us with hidden budget surplus. Wait, they aren’t in power? Shit.

Oil patch CEO’s back absolute emissions reductions

Statscan: Exports represented nearly half of the industrial emissions of greenhouse gases in Canada in 2002, the largest single share of emissions from a demand perspective, according to a new study.

Radiohead to release new album online. Pay-what-you-can. Seriously.

Ottawa Space: We’ve been talking a lot lately about space on the show, mostly about Landsdowne Park (for more details on the latest proposals, see here and here), but this week we’ll talk a little about Wellington St., with the PMO’s apparent plans to build a fortress Harper in the almost National Portrait Gallery former American Embassy. Details here, Kelly Egan’s take, which I couldn’t have written better myself, here.

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