Radio Topics, Oct 9

As always, we go to air from 7am to 9am Tuesday morning on CKCUfm. 93.1fm in Ottawa, online for those that aren’t.

A heads up: October 19th marks the beginning of CKCU’s annual funding drive. You’ll be hearing more about it on air and in this space in the coming weeks, and if you’ve donated in the past you’ve already probably gotten a letter in the mail. In any case, in a little over two weeks, the station raises 1/3 of its operating budget. If you enjoy my show, or any show for that matter, please support the cause. You can donate securely online, just be sure to list “Tuesday Morning Special blend” as your show of choice.

Tuesday on the show: at 8:10 we’ll be joined by Stuart Ryan, Communist Party of Canada Candidate for Ottawa Centre in Wednesday’s provincial election. At 8:30, we’ll have an interview with William Marsden about his new book, Stupid to the Last Drop.

With the election a day away, we’re bound to get into a little bit of armchair speculation, but we assure you not enough to be any more boring than the campaign itself.

A community grocery story in Centretown west?

Former head of Canadian Space Agency says Canada needs a national space policy. Your dog wants steak.

Public funding for private clinics?

250% rent hike in saskatoon?

While it is not illegal to talk to a prostitute, the police sure want to make your life inconvenient for doing so.

Insite gets a 6 month reprieve. Harper promises American-style war on drugs, as it went so well there.

Ottawa threatens homeless man with fines for collecting people’s bottles.

One thought on “Radio Topics, Oct 9

  1. I quite like the beginning of the CBC story that you link to about Chretien’s new book. It’s the closest that the CBC comes to being clever. The ‘fresh from his heart surgery, Chretien is opening up new wounds with his latest book…” line.

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