Radio Topics, November 6

We are back to the usual radio show format, what with topics and all. Thanks again to all those that donated and contributed to another successful funding drive. This show raised something just shy of $700, and the station total was 112,000, more than the goal. Forgot to donate? You can still do so at; be sure to list “Tuesday Special blend” as your show of choice. As always, we air from 7am-9am on 93.1fm in Ottawa, the aforementioned website for everyone else.

The one piece of funding drive that we have to complete is my run up Dunton Tower (left). As promised, I’ll run up one floor for every $50 dollars we raised. Just under 700 translates to 13 floors, but I’ll let you guys keep the change and go to 14. Hopefully I won’t die, because I forgot how tall it actually looks. That’ll start at 7:30.

The Saskatchewan election is now about a week away, and the Sask Party lead is sufficiently large that you can’t see the end of it over the horizon, even in the Prairies. Adam Radwanski ponders why people want to do away with what seems to be a good thing.

The NCC to open board meetings! Mills also muses about selling part of the Greenbelt. Sacred cows do make the best hamburger.

Canada will stick up for you, until you are sentenced to death. In some countries. Maybe.

You have the right to remain silent, not the right to silence.

Late, but good: Mayor ignores city managers warnings of service cuts even with a tax increase.

Low income units at Lebreton flats threatened by lack of transit plan.

Campus bar’s license revoked. Not for why you’d think.

OC Transpo to fine smokers near bus stops, even if outside.

Google entering phone market.

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