Topics for November 20th

As usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm from 7 to 9:00am. For those outside of Ottawa you can listen live on the web at the CKCU website.

At 7:30 I will be talking with Christine Blatchford  about her new book Fifteen Days about Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

We’ll also be joined by Phil Robinson of People for a Better Ottawa, a citizen’s group that (in short) advocates for greater city funding for social services. They had their city budget kick-off last Tuesday morning.

As well we will be talking with a representative from the Otesha Project who had their fifth anniversary celebrations on Sunday.

After tazering a Polish man twice in the Vancouver airport, a public inquiry has been launched. Shocking!

Want to smoke in your car with your kid? After today that will be against the law in Wolfville NS.

UN complains to Bush Administration about upcoming murder trail of Omar Khadr
. Good to see the UN will lookout for our citizens when Canada won’t.

In the midst of huge budget deficits Ottawa’s Corporate Services Committee recommends $15 million more for the Congress Centre expansion.

Violent youth and identity thieves, watch out. The Conservatives have you in their sights.

BC NDP to take steps to increase number of women and minorities in the BC legislature.

Music downloaders beware. The Tories also are out to get you.

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