Radio Topics for November 27th, 2007.

As usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm from 7 to 9:00am. For those outside of Ottawa you can listen live on the web at the CKCU website. This week we will be joined in studio by a former host of this show, Luke Cote and fellow Carleton University Debating Society member Andrew Lawrence.

At 8:10 we will be speaking with Warren Kinsella who has just published his new book The War Room.

At 8:30am we will be speaking with Wayne Petti of Cuff the Duke who will be playing a show this Saturday night at Barrymores.

The NDP makes the whole Karlheinz Schreiber just a little bit more crazy.

Harper pledges more foreign aid from Canada. Apparently 0.035% of GDP isn’t quite 0.07.

And we thought the Carleton anti-choice motion was controversial. Protesters storm Oxford Debating Union building to prevent show debate.

Duke of Somerset to come down…again but this time its planned.

NDP MP is in trouble due to his election financing practices.

Ottawa Light Rail Plan #254.

Dion seeks clemency for man on death row in Montana.

Republicans win election in Australia and now want to get rid of her majesty.

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned book banning. Halton Catholic School Board is at the centre of this one.

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