Radio Topics for December 4th

As usual we air on CKCU 93.1fm from 7 to 9:00am. For those outside of Ottawa you can listen live on the web at the CKCU website.

Ottawa City Council wants 1% of the GST but not really sure how to go to go about getting it.

Bernard Lord will find out what the deal regarding bilingualism.

When the city’s traffic control manager says we have a traffic problem, we have a traffic problem.

Don’t give panhandlers change, give the money to a kindness meter instead.

Opening up the cellphone market in Canada. 40% of the spectrum to be reserved for new providers.

Centretown Movies future up in the air.

No cuts to front-line services in Ottawa.

Discover child porn and fail to report it? You’re off to jail.

Canadian Islamic Congress launches a human rights complaint against Macleans for this.

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