Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre

As part of what has become an occasional series looking at various community and not-for-profit organizations in and around Ottawa, this morning I spoke with Kate Van Slyck of the Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre.

Amethyst, based in Sandy Hill, is as the name implies an addiction counseling centre for women. As is usual with not-for-profits, they work to balance demand for their (I can only assume) top-notch services with the confines of a budget built on government grants and donations.

Amethyst also suffers, I think, from something that troubles all sorts of mid-sized operations: they do excellent work, but sit at the back of most people’s minds when they think about their charitable donations. This isn’t to say that the larger charities are more or less worthy, just that awareness for smaller organizations is always going to be difficult as compared to the CHEOs and Canadian Cancer Foundations of the World.

In any case, Amethyst, like the other people that we’ve spoken with, is the sort of organization that makes communities better: dedicated people working very hard with limited budgets to make the city, and people’s lives, that much better.

Coming later in the week: Me vs. Warren Kinsella and Me vs Janet Stein and Eugene Lang.

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