On Golden Avenue

Last week I spoke with Wallace Beaton of the Westboro Community Association about the proposed closure of Golden Avenue between Richmond Rd. and Byron Ave. He’s previously joined us before to talk about the re-emergence of the WCA- an interview that I wish had been recorded, as it speaks very well to the cyclical nature of voluntary and community organizations. In any case, for more blog postings, turn to Greater Ottawa and Miss Vicky.

Wallace is careful not to stake out an official stance on the matter, important given that the association has yet to do the same, but it is clear that there is a great deal of confusion as to why the proposal has emerged the way it has. The closure was initiated by the Councilor, and comes while the community is in the midst of doing a traffic study, so it is all very curious, and to me seems somewhat ad hoc.

I am somewhat familiar with the area- it is at Golden that the city’s unmarked bike path switches from Richmond proper to the much quieter Byron Ave., and I can count the number of times on one hand that I have seen a car looking to turn onto or off of the street. I also don’t live there, so can understand that those that do might see things differently. That said, decisions that happen in one part of the city have repercussions on those that happen elsewhere later, so non-westboroians should ignore this matter at their peril.

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