A(n) (upcoming) Day at the Races

Today I spoke with Kate Van Slyck of the Amethyst Women’s Addiction Centre about her organization’s upcoming Track Challenge.

Amethyst, as the name implies, is a not-for-profit day-treatment facility for women struggling with addiction. Much like other not-for-profits, raising funds is central to your operations: your success or failure helps to determine what level of service, if any, you can offer in the coming year. CKCU, as an example, dedicates a little more that 2 weeks a year to begging for change on air an annual funding drive, which is historically (and perhaps obviously, given that we still broadcast) been very successful. You might remember my most recent web-based pitch for donations to the Tuesday blend; the real shame is that Adam didn’t record my ascent up Dunton Tower.

But, PBS and TVO aside, CKCU is pretty unique in having an FM soap box on which to solicit funds. Most other organizations turn to special events to raise their cash. In the summer months this leads to ubiquitous charity golf tournaments, where your fee gets you a round of golf and a good feeling. Amethyst is taking a welcome break from the status quo and hosting a track meet. It’s pitched as a corporate event, but I doubt that they’d turn away groups of individuals that don’t happen to work together but want to participate.
This is the first of three interviews originally aired this morning on the proper show. This was part of our ongoing series on Community organizations in Ottawa- you can catch them all here. We first spoke with Kate about Amethyst in December, which went into greater detail about the sorts of programs that they offer.

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