Radio Topics for April 6th

Happy Easter Tuesday? I guess the limit of holidays after Easter can only extend so far. Regardless tune in to Adam and Mike this Tuesday morning. As per usual we air from 7-9am on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa or on for everyone else.

It seems the story of the upcoming Ottawa mayoral race is who won’t run. Peter Hume declares that he is out.

Our current mayor wants to move Ottawa’s Greyhound Bus Station out to where the VIA Rail Station is.

While there probably won’t be a Canadian election this spring, there is certainly going to be a British one.

However if there was a spring vote on which Federal leader Canadians would like to have a beer with, Jack Layton would win. (This makes me hate democracy)

Federal MPs seek to understand the internet with Google’s help.

The US makes it very clear; they want Canada to stay in Afghanistan. But maybe Canada has something different in mind? Like the UN Mission in the Congo? Well…think again.

Not missing its chance to make something tragic into something political: Vic Toews vows to crack down on the National Parole Board in the wake of them pardoning former hockey coach Graham James.

Canada’s definition of maternal health differentiates pretty substantially from that of the US and UK.

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