Radio Topics for June 15th

Mike is away exploring Nova Scotia by RV so I am on my own this Tuesday. Never fear though as we have an exciting show lined up for you. First off, Mike’s pre-recorded voice will be joining us at 8:10 when he speaks with Richard Florida about his new book The Great Reset. At 8:30 I will be speaking with Nikki Mosley regarding the upcoming MEC Bikefest taking place on June 20th at Lebretton Flats. Finally at 7:30 we will be having a special give-away so tune in for that! As per usual we air on 93.1 CKCU FM in Ottawa and for everyone else.

The World Cup kicked off in South Africa on Friday. Time for everyone’s latent pride in their ancestral homeland to emerge.

The latest in the on-going Afghan detainee affair: Apparently in 2006 General Rick Hillier ordered the a more diligent system of monitoring Afghan prisoners and was ignored.

Ottawa Police cracks down on cyclists riding on the sidewalk.

Shareholders of Canwest Global Media approve sale of newspapers to a group led by Paul Godfrey.

Moose # 2 is shot and killed by Ottawa Police.

With summer right around the corner it means its time for VIA Rail workers to threaten a strike.

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