Radio Topics, December 21

Happy Tuesday!

I hope that everyone has a chance to take a look at the eclipse tonight- it’ll be the last in North America for a while, and it’ll have been the first time in several centuries that we get to pretend it’s interesting that it happens to also be the solstice. So, stay up late and watch the moon disappear, then get up early and listen to Adam and I on CKCU at 7am- 93.1FM for those in Ottawa, for those elsewhere.

This week I’ll be holding up my end of the funding drive bargain and running up Dunton Tower. The Tuesday Blend raised about $700, so that’s 14 flights of stairs. I’ll be doing that just after the BBC news at 8:00 AM. There’s a better-than-even chance my heart will have exploded by 8:06.

We’ll also talk about some of the following, while playing non-awful Christmas music and Captain Beefheart tracks.

Craigslist pulls prostitution ads; actual newspapers still have them.

Study: Female squirrels aren’t promiscuous because of evolution, they’re promiscuous because they are sluts.

Bell gets big fine for DNC violations.

Harper gets his majority. Just not where he probably hoped.

Good sense prevails: Hockey coach suspension lifted.

Pooled Pension plans?

How much for a polar bear?

Sharks: an endangered species?

Don’t ask don’t tell repealed.

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